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We are breaking down a scene 9 from Archinteriors vol. 46.

This scene is inspired by interior design and CGI by Algimantas Raubiška: visit and

  • AI46_009_PP_evermotion_874.jpg
  • AI46_009_raw_evermotion_00876.jpg
Post-production / raw render - slide to see the differences



Click on image to enlarge slice1_6.jpg

The lof scene in 3ds Max viewport.


Click on image to enlargeslice3_6.jpg

The scene overvieew - camera settings on the right.


Click on image to enlargeslice4_6.jpg

The scene is lit by VraySun and VraySky (Preetham model). All settings are on the right.



Click on image to enlargeslice5_6.jpg

VraySky settings.


Click on image to enlargeslice6_6.jpg

We used two background meshes. The further is dome - it is used for background sky.




Click on image to enlargeslice7_6.jpg

Sky map of a dome.


Click on image to enlargeslice8_6.jpg

The second background map is used for city buildings.


Click on image to enlargeslice9_6.jpg

We used a b&w bitmap to limit buildings bitmap opacity only to lower area.


Click on image to enlargeslice11_6.jpg

Building mesh with light portals in the windows.


Click on image to enlargeslice13_6.jpg

Brick Ceiling material is based on one brick bitmap that was altered and placed also in Reflect, Bump and glossiness slots.


Click on image to enlargeslice14_5.jpg

Walls material is a bit different - we have bricks covered (but not entirely) by plaster. We mixed appropiate bitmaps in 3ds max.


Click on image to enlargeslice15_5.jpg

Chair mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice16_5.jpg

Chair materials.


Click on image to enlargeslice17_5.jpg

Lather material.


Click on image to enlargeslice18_5.jpg

Leather material - we used orange /brownish bitmap and changed the hue.


Click on image to enlargeslice19_4.jpg

then we composited it with some dirty bitmap and used VrayDirt as a mask.


Click on image to enlargeslice20_4.jpg

Chair - details.


Click on image to enlargeslice21_4.jpg

Hanging lamps.


Click on image to enlargeslice22_3.jpg

One lamp mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice23_3.jpg

Lamp material - bumpy, dirty glass.


Click on image to enlargeslice24_3.jpg

Lamp "lighting stick" - it emits light.


Click on image to enlargeslice25_3.jpg

Emissive material settings. 


Click on image to enlargePASSES_1.jpg



Click on image to enlargeUntitled_evermotion_877.jpg

Post-production - really subtle one: we only added separate passes (with screen or lighten modes) to achieve more details in specular / refractive areas and then we placed vignette on top of that.





Final image after post-production




Author: Barbara Witkowska Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: interior loft interior
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