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Information Clause

In accordance with the art. 13 section 1 and 2 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 of the 27th April, 2016 on the protection of natural persons, with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), hereafter RODO, I hereby inform that:

1. EVERMOTION S.C., 8 Przędzalniana Str., 15-688 Białystok, Poland is the Administrator of your Personal Data (APD)

2. Data Protection Inspector can be reached through e-mail:

3. Your personal data are to be processed on the basis of art. 6 section 1 letter a, b and f of RODO in order to:
a) prepare, conclude and execute the agreement and for other purposes approved by you,
b) to execute the legitimate interest like marketing of products and the agreement, claim assertion or defence against claims resulting from the law regulations.

4. Entities entitled to the reception of your personal data may be the authorised public bodies; mail providers; providers of the services covered by the agreement; responsible for debt recovery, keeping the archives, document utilization, legal consulting, technical services, IT services and accountancy.

5. Your personal data shall not be transferred to the third country, nor to the international bodies.

6. Your personal data shall be processed within the period of the agreement and upon your additional consent until you withdraw it. APD shall keep the data for the period of any civil law claim execution connected with the agreement.

7. You have the right to demand an access to your personal data, to correct or to delete the data if there is no other basis for the processing or any other purpose of such processing or to limit the processing of the data, to transfer the data to another administrator and to raise objections to the further data processing if there is no legal basis for further processing and to withdraw any previous consent.

8. You provide the personal data voluntarily, however they are necessary to conclude the agreement. The refusal of providing such data may result in the refusal of the agreement conclusion.

9. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Office when in your opinion the data processing violates the regulations of General Data Protection Regulation of the 27 April, 2016 (RODO).

10. Your data will be automatically processed, including the form of profiling.
11. You are obligated to forward above mentioned information to your representative, especially if you appointed this person in the agreement as the contact person or as the representative for the agreement execution.


OCIO Color Management in 3ds Max 2024

YT 2024-06-10 12:56 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

Color management is crucial for full control over your renders.

Color management is a critical aspect of digital content creation, ensuring consistency and accuracy across various devices and platforms. OpenColorIO (OCIO) has emerged as a leading solution for color management in the industry, offering flexibility and control to artists and studios alike. In the dynamic landscape of 3D software, the integration of OCIO is paramount, and the latest update in 3ds Max 2024 takes this integration to new heights.

Understanding OCIO Color Management

Before delving into the advancements in 3ds Max 2024, let's grasp the fundamentals of OCIO color management. At its core, OCIO is an open-source color management solution that provides a framework for consistent color transforms across different applications and pipelines. It allows artists to maintain color accuracy from the initial stages of asset creation to the final rendering, regardless of the software or hardware used in the process.

OCIO operates through a series of color transforms defined in configuration files. These transforms map colors from one color space to another, ensuring that images appear consistent across different viewing environments. By leveraging OCIO, artists can work with a wide range of color spaces and seamlessly integrate assets from various sources without compromising visual fidelity.

The Evolution of OCIO in 3ds Max

3ds Max has long been a staple in the toolkit of 3D artists and studios, and its integration of OCIO has been pivotal in maintaining industry standards for color management. With each iteration, Autodesk has refined and expanded the capabilities of OCIO within 3ds Max, empowering artists to achieve greater levels of precision and efficiency in their workflows.

The update in 3ds Max 2024 represents a significant milestone in OCIO integration, introducing several key enhancements that elevate the user experience and streamline color management processes. One notable improvement is the expanded support for industry-standard color spaces, including ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) and Rec. 2020, enabling artists to work with the latest standards and deliver content that meets the highest quality benchmarks.

Additionally, the update introduces a revamped user interface for OCIO settings, providing artists with intuitive controls and real-time feedback for color transformations. This enhanced interface simplifies the configuration of OCIO profiles and streamlines the process of calibrating color spaces to match specific project requirements. Moreover, 3ds Max 2024 offers improved compatibility with external OCIO configurations, allowing artists to seamlessly integrate custom color pipelines and achieve greater flexibility in their workflows.





Leveraging OCIO for Enhanced Creativity

The integration of OCIO in 3ds Max 2024 empowers artists to unleash their creative potential while maintaining the highest standards of color accuracy and consistency. Whether working on animations, visual effects, or architectural visualization projects, artists can rely on OCIO to ensure that their creations are presented in the best possible light, both figuratively and literally.

By embracing OCIO color management, artists can explore a broader palette of colors and visual styles, confident in the knowledge that their work will translate faithfully across different viewing environments. Whether targeting cinema screens, broadcast television, or mobile devices, OCIO enables artists to deliver content that captivates and resonates with audiences worldwide.


In the fast-paced world of digital content creation, color management plays a vital role in ensuring that artists can realize their creative vision with precision and consistency. The integration of OCIO in 3ds Max 2024 represents a significant advancement in this regard, providing artists with powerful tools and streamlined workflows for managing color spaces effectively.

With expanded support for industry-standard color spaces, a revamped user interface, and improved compatibility with external configurations, 3ds Max 2024 empowers artists to push the boundaries of creativity while adhering to the highest standards of color fidelity. As the industry continues to evolve, OCIO remains a cornerstone of modern workflows, enabling artists to bring their imaginations to life with unparalleled precision and control.

Author: YT Editor: Michał Franczak
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