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Evermotion Challenge 2023 - City or Village?

We are happy to announce the results of Evermotion Challenge 2023! BIG THANK YOU for all participants, our sponsors and jury!





We invite you to take part in this year's Evermotion Challenge 2023! This is a great opportunity not only to show your skills to the 3D community and be featured on the Evermotion website, but also to win many fantastic prizes.

Use our free models

This year's theme is "City or Village?". And this time we decided to give you two free models that will serve as a base for your visualizations. At least one of these models should appear in your work. Of course - we allow you to adapt them to your vision, i.e. changing textures or modifying geometry is allowed (as long as the building is still recognizable).

We will evaluate technical quality, composition, aesthetics and idea. You can send both a static render and an animation - the choice is up to you.

How to submit

To join the competition, simply click here or use "Submit your work" button above this article. Free Evermotion models for this competition are available for download hereImportant! Works should be submitted by December 10, 2023, 11:59 p.m. (GMT +1). Full competition rules can be found in the "Rules" tab.

This year your works will be judged by:


Vasilis_KoutlisVasilis Koutlis - Designer / 3D Photographer - The instigator of both xDream3D and VWArtclub was born in Athens, in 1979. He studied furniture design and decoration. He began his occupation with 3D art in 2002 and in 2007 the idea of xDream3D was born. He managed to acquire partners from all over the world and various collaborators trust him with their ideas as he rewards them with detailed designs. Not a moment goes by without him thinking of a beautiful image, thus he is never concerned with time but only with the design’s quality.



square_Untitled_02101.jpgHrvoje Cop - Polymachine - (commonly known as Chopmeister) is a 3D artist, obsessive tinkerer and the CTO of Polymachine, an archviz studio from Zagreb, Croatia. In the archviz business since the early 2000s, he enjoys discovering new ways to solve technical problems, and is addicted to most things that feature LEDs and buttons.         




 Michał Gróski (Evermotion) My fascination with 3D graphics dates back to my architectural studies, where I first encountered this art. Since then, this passion has evolved into my main creative path. What I particularly like about 3D graphics is discovering new, unexplored areas that constantly surprise and delight me. Thanks to constant exploration, I feel that I am constantly developing my skills, continuing my never-ending journey in the world of 3D graphics.



michal_horbaMichał Horba (Evermotion) - Over ten years of experience as 3d generalist, currently Evermotion's Studio Director. My main interests are fixing stuff to make it all work. I am responsible for some of Evermotion's crazy scenes as well. Thanks for participating in this and I hope you will have fun!





Sponsors and prizes


For more than decade Evermotion has been creating stunning 3d models, scenes and complete environments for architecture, games and movie industries. Always reaching for the best possible quality, creating still images, animations, and VR experiences. Thanks to our huge and ever-expanding model and scene library, counting more than 12 thousand assets, we can quickly address each type of project. In addition, our skilled artists create custom models or scenes per the customer specifications. We can deliver 3d content for all main 3d applications, from 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine.


  • 1st place: €1000 + 5 Evermotion collections freely choosed by the winner
  • 2nd place: €750 + 5 Evermotion collections freely choosed by the winner
  • 3rd place: €500 + 5 Evermotion collections freely choosed by the winner



Your trusted CPU & GPU render farm with more than 17 years of experience, that supports all major 3D applications and plugins. Thanks to the RebusFarm Software, the render farm integration in your workflow is as easy, as if you would render on your own computer, just remarkably faster. The Rebus Render Farm is energy-optimized and runs on green power which makes the service sustainable. They offer a TeamManager tool for studios and teams to facilitate their cooperation. Their support team is available 24/7. To get started with the Rebus Render Service, use their 25 Euro free trial to test the service without obligations. You may also want to check their student & volume discounts of up to 60%.


  • 1st Place: 700 RenderPoints worth 700 Euro
  • 2nd Place: 500 RenderPoints worth 500 Euro
  • 3rd Place: 300 RenderPoints worth 300 Euro



iRender is a powerful and leading cloud render farm to accelerate your GPU and CPU projects. Based on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, iRender supports all 3D applications and plugins and gives you the complete control over their servers and your workflow.
Advanced, strong hardware ranging from 1 to 8 x RTX 4090 / RTX 3090, professional human support 24/7, and a fast, completely free storage and transferring data tool. iRender is one of the best cloud rendering solutions available for artists, designers and architects.


  • 600 render points (worth 600 USD) for each winner



Huion is a professional manufacturer of digital graphic input devices with original core chips and modules. It is also China's largest manufacturer of drawing tablets. With more than 10 years’ accumulation of experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing graphic input devices, Huion has always been independent in the R&D section and innovation. Huion's vision is to bring digital ink solutions to more people around the world, and Huion also believes that the world is in your hands. Huion official website. 


  • 1st place - Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K)  (USD 399.00)
  • 2nd place - Inspiroy Keydial KD200  (USD 169.00)
  • 3rd place - Inspiroy Dial 2  (USD 159.99)




NAG-ALL is a smart software specialized in automating the organization process of 3ds Max library assets with only a single click. After NAG-ALL software mission is performed, the user has a highly organized library in the form of 3ds Max file beside its related preview image. The sorted 3D library is ready for manual drag and drop process into 3ds Max canvas, or for linking with any of the assets management plug-ins, such as, Project Manager, Connecter, or Autodesk Assets Library.
NAG-ALL software is successfully tested over thousands of 3D assets, such as 3dsky,, 3dbrute, Dimensiva, cgtrader, Turbosquid 3D models, and much more. NAG-ALL software is trusted by 500+ freelance 3D artists & studios from 50+ countries around the globe.


  • Studio licenses for NAG-ALL Pro software, valued at 150 euros per single studio license




TopoGun is a stand-alone resurfacing, and maps baking application. The resurfacing functions in TopoGun will help you modify and/or recreate the edgeflow of your digital 3D models. The maps baking functions, will help you bake various types of texture maps from your high resolution 3D models and then allow you to apply them to your newly created optimized meshes. These texture maps contain information that will help you recover the appearance and features of the original high resolution mesh.


  • Three $ 149.99 Standalone Licenses of Topogun



The Gnomon Workshop was established in 2000 by Alex Alvarez to share professional techniques with artists unable to attend the award-winning Gnomon School in Hollywood. The curated library of over 300 video workshops over 1,000 hours of training is available 24/7 with a monthly or annual subscription and covers the entire pipeline of animation and effects production, from concept design and pre-viz to modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering, and everything in-between. Learn at your own pace with workshops created exclusively by industry professionals to ensure you always have the most efficient and production-proven workflows in your arsenal. Start your free 3-day trial at


  • Annual Subscription for 1st prize - $499 US
  • 6-month subscription for 2nd place - $324 US
  • 3-month subscription for 3rd place - $162 US


D5 Render

D5Render is a leading 3D real-time creation tool that starts with real-time rendering. lt seamlessly integrates with popular modeling software such as Sketchup, 3ds Max, Rhino, Revit, Blender, Archicad, and C4D, providing a new 3D design workflow. D5 is widely used in architecture, landscape, interior design, wedding, and other fields, empowering design and visual expression, creating a simple and efficient 3D creative experience.


  • Three yearly subscriptions ($1080) for the three best works and two monthly subscriptions




Kstudio - your ultimate solution for managing 3D Assets in 3ds Max.
Our suite, including the acclaimed Project Manager, brings unparalleled efficiency to manage your 3D Assets.
We're excited to offer tools and plugins like Spline Flow, Smart Extrude, Models Manager, Materials Manager, FilePathFinder, Batch Render&Relink and more.
Don't miss our free Kstudio Scripts pack, enhancing your creative possibilities. Learn more about our solutions at
1st place - Project Manager, Spline Modeling Bundle, Molding Mega Bundle, Batch Relink (prizes worth 266 USD)
2nd place - Project Manager, Molding Mega Bundle (prizes worth 182 USD)
3rd place - Spline Modeling Bundle, Batch Relink (prizes worth 85 USD)


We would like to thank the sponsors of the Evermotion Challenge 2023 competition!