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Making of a warm loft - Tip of the Week

Michał Franczak 2015-08-20 15:17 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > texturing

Breakdown of a scene from Archinteriors vol. 42.

This scene is available in Archinteriors vol. 42 collection.

Click on image to enlarge


Final render after post-production.

Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_001_camera_002_PP_358.jpg

Final render - camera 2.

Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_001_camera_top_359.jpg

View from top.


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0022_Layer_1_356.jpg

View from camera 1, as seen through 3ds Max viewport.

Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0021_Layer_2_355.jpg

View from camera 2, 3ds Max viewport.


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0020_Layer_3_354.jpg

View from camera 1, material and object color enabled in viewport.


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0019_Layer_4_353.jpg

View from camera 2, material and object color enabled.

Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0018_Layer_5_352.jpg

Surrounding cylinder contains background map - a common way to deal with far plane in architectural visualziations. This cylinder does not accept shadows, of course.


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0017_Layer_6_351.jpg

Cylinder seen from front view.


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0016_Layer_7_350.jpg

Cylinder material with background bitmap. For better reflections control, we used two versions of the bitmap that slightly differ with intensity.

Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0015_Layer_8_349.jpg

Bitmap for base material (color - 4,0)


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0014_Layer_9_348.jpg

Bitmap for reflect material (color - 16,0)


Click on image to enlarge nr_AI42_01_0011_Layer_12_345.jpg

The building is made of many layers. On the image above you can see inside walls.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01_0010_Layer_13_344.jpg

Walls material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01_0009_Layer_14_363.jpg

Building elevation - it is not seen by camera, so it's standard V-ray material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0030_Layer_1_405.jpg

Wooden planks are covering big surface inside the loft.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0029_Layer_2_404.jpg

Planks - close up.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0028_Layer_3_403.jpg

Planks material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0027_Layer_4_402.jpg

Planks material, bitmap settings.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0026_Layer_5_401.jpg

Planks material - reflection glossiness bitmap settings.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0025_Layer_6_400.jpg

Windows in the roof.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0024_Layer_7_399.jpg

Windows - glass material - standard refractive material with 1,0 glossiness.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0023_Layer_8_398.jpg

Windows frame material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0027_Layer_4_402.jpg

Building layers - gif animation.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0016_Layer_15_391.jpg


Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0015_Layer_16_390.jpg

Floor material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0014_Layer_17_389.jpg

Camera 2 settings.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0013_Layer_18_388.jpg

Camera 1 settings.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0012_Layer_19_387.jpg

Fireplace model.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0011_Layer_20_386.jpg

Fireplace material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0010_Layer_21_385.jpg

Fireplace material - bitmap settings.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0009_Layer_22_384.jpg

A bench model.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0008_Layer_23_383.jpg

Bench surface material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0007_Layer_24_382.jpg


Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0006_Layer_25_381.jpg

Shelves have holey surfaces. Close-up. 

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0005_Layer_26_380.jpg

Shelves reflective material.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0004_Layer_27_379.jpg

Top light settings - it's skylight portal.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0003_Layer_28_378.jpg

Another skylight portal behind front windows.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0002_Layer_29_377.jpg

Skylight portal behind the building.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0001_Layer_30_376.jpg

And the last skylight portal in small window.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_01B_0000_Layer_31_375.jpg

V-ray light lister.

Click on image to enlargesky_1.JPG

Main light source is put in Environment slot - it is VraySky.

Click on image to enlargesky_2.JPG

VraySky is desaturated with color correction node.

Click on image to enlargerender_settings.JPG

Render settings.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_001_camera_001_RGB_color_406.jpg

Raw render.

Click on image to enlargenr_Untitled_407.jpg

Post-production in Photoshop. At the bottom you can see RGB layer. Next layer softens image a bit, above is desaturation layer with very small desaturation amount. reflection and refraction layers are put in screen mode. First lighting layer (mode: screen) adds brightness to image, second (mode: overlay) increases contrast. At the top we have vignette.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI42_001_camera_001_PP_357.jpg

Final render. Thanks for reading! :)
This scene is available in Archinteriors vol. 42 collection.
Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: wooden loft tip warm
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