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Breakdown of a scene 6 from Archinteriors vol. 45.

Today I'm gonna show you some details from the Scandinavian Kitchen and leisure room scene that comes with Archinteriors vol. 45, made by Kamil Kuklo from Evermotion. It is a bright and cosy interior, but there is more than a kitchen in this scene. We modeled additional interior and a terrace and placed some greenery outside.

Click on image to enlarge AI45_006_Cam_001_PP.JPG

Image after post-production - camera 1


Click on image to enlargeAI45_006_Cam_002_PP.JPG

Image after post-production - camera 2


Click on image to enlargeslice1_4.jpg

Scene in 3ds Max viewport.



Click on image to enlargeslice2_4.jpg

Scene overview - the brown wireframe boxes are small plants and bushes in "show box only mode".


Click on image to enlargeslice3_4.jpg

Here is the one of the small plants in normal viewing mode.




Click on image to enlargeslice4_4.jpg

The terrace and some props.


Click on image to enlargeslice5_4.jpg

Overview in wireframe mode - as you can see, we have a kitchen (with leisure area behind camera 1, the bedroom and the terrace.


Click on image to enlargeslice6_4.jpg

We have V-Ray lights in the windows - all of them are just light portals that let VraySky light in.


Click on image to enlargeslice7_4.jpg

V-Ray Light Lister.


Click on image to enlargeslice8_4.jpg

VRaySky settings.


Click on image to enlargeslice9_4.jpg

Main carpet mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice11_4.jpg

Carpet material - we mixed nose map with abstract pattern.


Click on image to enlargeslice12_4.jpg

Compositing two maps: we just placed noise map in screen mode over our pattern map.


Click on image to enlargeslice13_4.jpg

Table mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice14_4.jpg

Ceiling with UVW Map modifier. We used box mapping for this element - it's fast and it works flawlessly with such simple shapes as this one.


Click on image to enlargeslice15_4.jpg

Ceiling material.


Click on image to enlargeslice16_4.jpg

Glazed tiles in the kitchen are made of mesh, not just texture.


Click on image to enlargeslice17_4.jpg

It's an array of chamfered rectangles without backfaces.


Click on image to enlargeslice18_4.jpg

Tiles material.


Click on image to enlargeslice19_3.jpg

Windows with blinds. As you can see on the final render, we have some rainy day outside the window, so we placed some droplets and made our windows wet.


Click on image to enlargeslice20_3.jpg

And here we have our glass material with water droplets map.


Click on image to enlargeslice21_3.jpg

Compositing droplet maps.


Click on image to enlargerender_settings_evermotion_00794.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlargeUntitled_evermotion_795.jpg

Post-production wasn't complicated - we added high pass filter to sharpen the image, then we made slight levels adjustment (settings above), vignette and refraction / reflection passes. We also added specular pass.


Click on image to enlargeUntitled_evermotion_796.jpg

On top of that we slightly modified the curves to increase contrast and placed lighting layer on top (60% screen mode).


Click on image to enlargeAI45_006_Cam_001_PP.JPG

Image after post-production - camera 1. thanks for reading! :) check out the entire Archinteriors vol. 45 collection.


Author: Kamil Kuklo Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: kitchen scandinavian white white kitchen
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