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Making of Rest House

Robert Laguerta 2015-08-10 11:30 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > rendering

Archviz tutorial by Robert Laguerta.

Greetings everyone! My name is Robert Laguerta, working as CG artist at Architect Design Practice, Malaysia.

I would like to share with you the “Making of Rest House". It’s a house designed and modeled by Rasco Architecture, a company based in Hong Kong.

Click on image to enlarge nr_1_215.jpg

First we check our final render...

The objective of the rendering is to create an environment that will complement the house with the surrounding landscape.
Software used: Sketch up, 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop.


Click on image to enlarge nr_2_216.jpg

House is modeled using SKP then imported to 3ds Max. Terrain is added using Plane standard object, adding segments to follow the House structure using (push/pull) in Paint Deformation option to create some bumps.

This work based on 5SRW principle (Read an article: "Five steps to realistic renders"):


Click on image to enlarge nr_4_218.jpg

Step one: camera settings (framing)

Click on image to enlarge nr_5_219.jpg

Step two: Vray Sun Setting (light balance). Only VRaysun and VRaysky are used for this scene.

Click on image to enlarge nr_lightbalance_210.jpg

Light balance

Click on image to enlarge nr_6_220.jpg

Step 3: materials. House materials are all attached inside SKP, and converted using “V-ray Scene Converter”.

Click on image to enlarge nr_7_221.jpg

Only Glass and Terrain Materials are created. Glass material settings.


Click on image to enlarge nr_8_222.jpg

Terrain material settings.


Click on image to enlarge nr_10_193.jpg

Now for the fun part, adding the Landscape. I used Evermotion models from Archmodels vol. 117 for the trees.


Click on image to enlarge nr_11_194.jpg

Trees placement.


Click on image to enlarge nr_9_192.jpg



Click on image to enlarge nr_12_195.jpg

Top view of the scene.


Click on image to enlarge nr_13_196.jpg

I used Itoo Forest Pack Pro for scattering trees and shrubs. Shrubs settings on the right.


Click on image to enlarge nr_15_198.jpg

Shrubs scattering.


Click on image to enlarge nr_14_197.jpg

Shrubs used in this scene.


Click on image to enlarge nr_16_199.jpg

Grass settings.


Click on image to enlarge nr_17_200.jpg

...and grass distribution.


Click on image to enlarge nr_18_201.jpg

Grass models.


Click on image to enlarge nr_19_202.jpg

Everything is in place. Now we are ready to render!


Click on image to enlarge nr_21_204.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlarge nr_20_203.jpg

Scene in 3ds Max viewport.

Render elements

Click on image to enlarge nr_alpha_208.jpg



Click on image to enlarge nr_depth_209.jpg



Click on image to enlarge nr_vrayDirt_211.jpg

Vray Dirt.


Click on image to enlarge nr_vrayRawRefraction_212.jpg



Click on image to enlarge nr_vrayReflection_214.jpg



Click on image to enlarge nr_VrayRawTotalLighting_213.jpg


Click on image to enlarge nr_22_205.jpg

I used Photoshop to combine all the render elements to achieve the final result.

Click on image to enlarge nr_add2_206.jpg

Additional View 1.

Click on image to enlarge nr_add3_207.jpg

Additional View 2.

Click on image to enlarge nr_1_215.jpg

Final render again.

Thanks for reading! Hope you find this useful. I also want to thank Evermotion for giving me the opportunity to share this with you!

Author: Robert Laguerta Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: exterior laguerta robert resthouse
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suryaratheesh 12:47:14  |  10-08-2015
realyyyyyyyyyy.................. what i say realyyy grate,.. No its amazinggggg..
bingbong 00:02:21  |  11-08-2015
How about you show us the raw rendering before you do you post in Photoshop?
glenn1979 03:28:19  |  11-08-2015
ArtGomez17 06:46:28  |  11-08-2015
Hi, first of all i want to say congratulations for your amazing work and your time to share this tutorial. Then i want to ask you this: i´ve been working with 3D Max and VRay for about a year, but it happens that in the office i work they only use Vray for sketchup so i´ve been using and learning it, i edited my materials and all, but when i export it to 3D Max all my materials are reset, so i edit them, no problem with that. After some rough images for the client and after some changes in sketchup, i export it once again into my 3dMax File, but all the materials are reset again, is there a way to fix this or what can i do? because i see that you only did glass and terrain material, but what about other materials? do you edit them all again? Thank you so much!
rlaguerta 08:44:41  |  11-08-2015
thanks everyone.! ArtGomez17 im not sure how vray for skp is working if exported to 3dmax, bec this file is only textured using the basic map in skp, maybe u can try 1.put all ur materials(skp) to material editor ball (max) after bringing ur skp file to max, 2. use vray-scene converter . 3, re-attach the materials stored in material balls this way uvw coordinates is preserve.
a-squared 10:34:15  |  11-08-2015
EPIC!!! I added this page to my favorites. Thanks for this tutorial.
kurdaps! 08:57:05  |  23-08-2015
Great job! Congratulatons!
Anastasia91 16:19:02  |  26-08-2015
Hello! Wery good job....How many time rendering????
arrey 18:53:35  |  29-08-2015
szmnaung 03:43:31  |  30-08-2015
WOW! awesome!
architect.aliqais 09:17:33  |  02-09-2015
Hi simple and excellent lesson >>>>> I have some Questions for you 1- Forest Modifier ? can you add the link for that plugin 2- I too software for the shrubs ... link please Thanks
chikedominic 14:19:01  |  06-09-2015
cool i love this
ericktorio 04:36:01  |  30-05-2018
Boom Panes, complete and detailed tutorial. Good job and congrats! (Napakomento tuloy ako)