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Marcin Bialecki  from Evermotion shows the process of making interior visualization.

A little bit of background: Moorish architecture is a variation of Islamic architecture. There are many motifs or repeated patterns, different styles of arches, calligraphy, vegetative design, and decorative tiles in Moorish architecture.

Moorish architecture is named after the Moors, North African people who conquered the Iberian Peninsula and many islands in the Western Mediterranean beginning in the 700s. The Moors controlled what is now Spain, Portugal, and the Pyrenees region of France for hundreds of years.

The Moors were Muslim and influenced by the Islamic architecture that developed in the Middle East. Although mosques are the most common examples of Moorish architecture, motifs spread to the design of houses and places of businesses. One of the most famous examples of Moorish architecture - The Mezquita or Grand Mosque of Cordoba, Spain, is today the region's Catholic cathedral.

Modeling and texturing such complex shapes can be a challenge for beginers, but it is a real pleasing experience if you want to  improve your 3D skill.

In this article I`d like to share with you in brief how i made scene 7 from one of the latest Evermotion collections - Archinteriors vol. 31.

Let`s start!

When I start any interior project, I focus on overall shape of room and then I start to put lights into the scene. By using "overral mtl" in Vray settings I always check what light setting looks the best for me.

Click on image to enlarge test_swiatlo1_900_01057.jpg

Light test 1


Click on image to enlarge test_swiatlo2_900_01053.jpg

Light test 2


Click on image to enlarge test_swiatlo3_900_01054.jpg

Light test 3



In this scene I had to model quite a lot of small items. When I prepare elements of the scene, I always try to make them as close as possible to real ones. Small details make it more ineresting.










Click on image to enlarge items_05_lantern_02_900_01058.jpg

I used opacity maps to make the lantern above. It saves time spent on modeling and the final item is quite "low poly".


Click on image to enlarge items_06_trolley_900_01048.jpg






Clicn on image to enlargeitems_08_table_900_01046.jpg

Click on image to enlargeitems_09_wicker_pillow_900_01052.jpg


Click on image to enlarge

I used symmetry modifier to make my models more interesting:

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge


Click on image to enlarge


Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlargeitems_11_carpet_900_01051.jpg

Click on image to enlargeitems_12_pipe_900_01039.jpg






Click on image to enlargeitems_15_shelfhanger_900_01056.jpg


Click on image to enlargeitems_16_vent_900_01036.jpg

Sometimes it is hard to texture your model. If you need some leaks, dirt or someting on your object, you can do it like on the picture below:

Click on image to enlargemodeling_vent_900_01065_900_01068.jpg

This method works also in case of modeling buildings (for eg. those in Archmodels vol. 133 were made with the method above), leafs, ornaments, etc.


Texturing a pillar


Click on image to enlargeAI31_007_pilar_001_diffuse_900_01063.jpg

Pillar diffuse map


Click on image to enlargeAI31_007_pilar_glossines_900_01066_900_01070.jpg

Pillar glossiness


Pillar material 


A pillars look easy to model but texturing can be tricky. Lets see how to make pillar`s stripes twirl around by using Unwrap modifier:

Click on image to enlargepilar_unwrap_900_01059.jpg

Pillar unwrapping


Click on image to enlargepilar_unwrap_02_900_01060.jpg

Pillar unwrapping, step 2

Vray and camera settings









Click on image to enlargeAI31_007_raw_900_01062.jpg

Raw render


Click on image to enlargeAI31_007_PP_900_01061.jpg

Render with postproduction in Photoshop 


That's all! Thank you for your attention. If you have questions, just write a comment below!

Marcin / Evermotion

Author: Marcin Białecki Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: archinteriors
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Oh! My God Extreme Detail Awsome Sir Thank you very much
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nice -I am a Moroccan (we have this style of decoration). So I see that the general appearance is bland especially in choice of colors. materials. and harmony ..
asifaliajiz08:20:16  |  17-03-2014
mbialecki15:12:01  |  18-03-2014
Thank you all for leaving a comments. Bahessou - thanks for your comment as well. I just want to say that Moroccan style in architecture is beautiful! :) next time I will mention to your comments ;)
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