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Making of 10th scene from Archinteriors vol. 46.

The scene below comes from Archinteriors vol. 46 - a collection of 10 industrial lofts.  It was modeled in 3ds Max and rendered in V-Ray.

  • AI46_010_raw_evermotion_618.jpg
  • AI46_010_PP_evermotion_00617.jpg
Final image - raw render on the left / post-production on the right. Swipe to see the differences.



Click on image to enlarge


Scene in 3ds Max viewport.


Click on image to enlargeslice2_1.jpg

Top view of the whole scene.


Click on image to enlargeslice3_1.jpg

Bacground is made in a typicval way: we created a cylinder and mapped a bitmap onto it.


Click on image to enlargeslice4_1.jpg

As we don't want shadows on the material, we used VrayLightMaterial, basically two versions are used - darker for diffuse and lighter for reflections.


Click on image to enlargeslice5_1.jpg

We used one big skylight portal instead of many smaller ones.


Click on image to enlargeslice6_1.jpg

Closer view.


Click on image to enlargeslice7_1.jpg

A fireplace: we created some planes, bended them a little and mapped a fire bitmap onto them.


Click on image to enlargeslice8_1.jpg

Fire bitmap has opacity slot and is used in VrayLight Material slot.


Click on image to enlargeslice9_1.jpg

We placed a few additional lights in the fireplace. They are invisible to camera, but they affect fireplace and wood.


Click on image to enlargeslice10_1.jpg

Simple glass material in windows.



Click on image to enlargeslice12_1.jpg

Window frame mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice13_1.jpg

Window frame material.


Click on image to enlargeslice14_1.jpg

Wall mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice15_1.jpg

Wall mesh - close-up. Wall was displaced with displacement map and VrayDisplacement modifier.


Click on image to enlargeslice16_1.jpg

Wall material.


Click on image to enlargeslice17_1.jpg

Wall - displacement map.


Click on image to enlargeslice18_1.jpg

floor mesh.


Click on image to enlargeslice19_1.jpg

Floor material.



Click on image to enlargeslice20_1.jpg

Floor material - falloff map settings.


Click on image to enlargeslice21_1.jpg

Wooden elements beneath the ceiling.


Click on image to enlargeslice22_1.jpg

Wooden elements material.


Click on image to enlargeslice23_1.jpg

Small light beneath the ceiling.


Click on image to enlargeslice24_1.jpg

Light mounted on wall on the left of the fireplace.


Click on image to enlargeslice25_1.jpg

Furniture models.


Click on image to enlargeslice26_1.jpg

Sofa material.


Click on image to enlargeslice27_1.jpg

Sofa material - VrayDirt settings.


Click on image to enlargerender_settings_16.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlargeps_stack_12.jpg

Post-production stack - mainly increased contrast and sharpness, added some passes for increasing details.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_010_PP_evermotion_00617.jpg

Final image after post-production. You can buy this scene in Evermotion shop. Thanks for reading! :)


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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Álvaro Arturo Muñoz15:40:04  |  03-04-2017
Hello, great work! I was wondering what are the camera settings for this scene? Thanks!
mariamniaz07:45:17  |  15-04-2017
just amazing.great work the house is also seems to be the bestest way of life.a great effort is needed for a great work and all that effort lies in it.


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