Making of a Loft - Tip of the Week

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Breakdown of a scene 003 from Archinteriors vol. 46.

This loft is one of interiors from Archexteriors vol. 46 collection which will be in available in Evermotion Shop soon.

Click on image to enlarge0001_AI46_003_PP_NR_02826.jpg

This is a final image after post production.


Click on image to enlarge0003_AI46_003_wire_NR_02825.jpg



Click on image to enlarge0004_VrayEdgeTex_Map_NR_02834.jpg

To achieve this "wire effect" I used the VrayEdgeTex Map.


Click on image to enlarge0005_000_ZONES_copy_NR_02827.jpg

The loft is divided into seven zones.


Click on image to enlarge0006_001_Living_Room_NR_02828.jpg

Living room.


Click on image to enlarge0007_002_Dinning_Room_NR_02829.jpg

Dining room


Click on image to enlarge0008_003_Kitchen_NR_02830.jpg



Click on image to enlarge0009_004_Wardrobe_NR_02831.jpg



Click on image to enlarge0010_005_bedroom_NR_02832.jpg



Click on image to enlarge0011_006_office_NR_02833.jpg

Images above shows how was developed a form of aircraft. First of all were created sections and basing on them I made a simple body mesh.

This interior is composed of more than a hundred different models. They are mapped and ready to use on other projects. Below you will find a presentation of some of them.

Click on image to enlarge01_building_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge02_environment_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge03_furnitures_copy.jpg



Click on image to enlarge04_lamps_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge05_Props_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge06_Dishes_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge07_Kitchen_props_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge08_candles_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge09_Vase_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge10_telescope_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge11_flower_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge12_pencils_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge13_salt_pepper_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge14_Induction_hob_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge15_carpet_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge16_Books_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge17_projector_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge18_Radio_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge19_Candle_evermotion.jpg



Click on image to enlarge20_sculpture_hand_evermotion.jpg



Camera settings

Click on image to enlarge0002_Lighting_evermotion.jpg

Most our scenes are lit by VraySun & VraySky.  This time is lit by Skyportal only. This is because in order to achieve a soft light as in the case of a cloudy day.


Click on image to enlarge0001_Environment_Settings_evermotion.jpg

This time is lit by Skyportal only. This is because in order to achieve a soft light as in the case of a cloudy day.The Environment section in V-Ray render parameters is where you can specify a color and a texture map to be used during GI and reflection/refraction calculations. If you don't specify a color/map then the background color and map specified in the 3ds Max Environment dialog will be used by default.


Click on image to enlarge0002_vray_settings_evermotion.jpg

Vray Settings. You can download the vray settings (VRAY PRESET) here.


Click on image to enlargetextures_1.jpg

Preview of textures used in the scene.


Click on image to enlargeoutput_gHigEb.gif

Step by Step process of making nice wooden floor.


Click on image to enlarge0001_AI46_003_Cam_02_PP_evermotion.jpg

Additional render - camera 2.


Click on image to enlarge0002_AI46_003_Cam_03_PP_evermotion.jpg

Additional render - camera 3.


Click on image to enlarge0003_AI46_003_Cam_04_PP_v2_evermotion.jpg

Additional render - camera 4.


Click on image to enlarge0004_AI46_003_Cam_05_PP_evermotion.jpg

Additional render - camera 5.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to visit Evermotion Shop - Archinteriors vol. 46 are coming soon!

Author: Marcin Białecki Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: loft marcin bialecki
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Tron-mon-gone20:26:41  |  06-12-2016
Hi there, I'm under the impression that the color correction map does not support high dynamic range images. I see that you are using the color correction to desaturate the vray sky map... have you noticed that it limits the amount of light produced?
mbialecki11:11:04  |  12-12-2016
Hi Tron, I did not notice that it changed the intensity of light. You can always change the "shutter speed" in camera to control this if you need :)
jfgiroux16:24:17  |  30-01-2017
Hi, could you please share your displacement map settings for the brick? .. mine never look as good as yours .. Thanks!


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