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Lucia Frascerra shows how she made an artistic loft for "Evermotion Challenge 2015".

Note from editor: "Tea Time" by Lucia Frascerra took 1st award in "Evermotion Challenge 2015 - Whola Lotta Loft". You can see more awarded works on Evermotion Challenge 2015 page. This work was rendered with Corona renderer. You can buy Corona Renderer license in Evermotion Shop.

First of all I want to thank you the judges and all Evermotion staff for this amazing contest, and I want to congratulate to the other winners and all the participants for their outstanding work! You’re great guys!

In this making of I’m going to show you the process that brought me to the creation of “Tea Time”.

Let’s start telling something about my idea.

I've always loved art and artists studios, places where artists can stay alone in silence, getting the inspiration they need for their job. I used to paint and draw a lot and I've always dreamed of a private space to relax and focus on what I liked the most! That's the reason why I thought about an Art studio when I decided to join this challenge. I think that lofts are perfect spaces for artists and I'd really love living and working in one of them!

The first step is to find the right inspiration, collecting a lot of reference images, to better understand what Art studios are like, how is the lighting and the atmosphere inside them.

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00217.jpg


Now comes the funniest part! I think that before playing around with 3D, camera views, modelling etc, it’s absolutely necessary to have a very precise idea of what you are about to do, of the story you want to tell. That’s why I normally do some sketches of my idea, until I find the good feeling of the composition, balance, image crop, etc. What I always repeat to myself is that if something works in a sketch, it must work in the final render as well! That’s the reason why I try not to go too far from my original idea.

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00218.jpg

Tea Time sketch


Since the beginning I thought about a carachter into my scene to be the focal point of the composition. I know it was quite risky, because carachters into interior shots could determine the success or the complete failure of the entire scene but I decided to try it anyway, because a carachter was the key of the story I wanted to tell with this image.

Next step was to find or model the props to put into the scene, for this image I used models from Evermotion and a few from model+model.

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00219.jpg


For the wood floor I was ispired by a very nice paving I saw in Arundel Castle (UK) during a trip I did last summer. I decided to replicate the asymmetrical geometry of the planks, and I did it in a very old-fashion way, drawing lines, converting them into edit poly, then extrude and bevel the polygons to create a little gap between them.

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00220.jpg

Modelling of the paving

In my idea, a lot of light should have come through the window, but without casting any direct shadow. For doing this I used an overcast HDRI from CG source.

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00221.jpg

CG source Overcast HDRI

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00222.jpg


Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00223.jpg

HDRI settings

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00224.jpg

Camera settings

The material of the paving is super simple, I just needed to build up a nice scratch texture to use as bump map.

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00225.jpg

Paving material

Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00226.jpg

Raw Render


Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00227.jpg

Corona render set up


Click on image to enlargeevermotion_nr_00228.jpg

Final image

Postproduction breakdown:

Thank you for reading!

Note from editor: "Tea Time" by Lucia Frascerra took 1st award in "Evermotion Challenge 2015 - Whola Lotta Loft". You can see more awarded works on Evermotion Challenge 2015 page.

Also see: Making of Balerina Loft by Elena Nedelcu (2nd place in Evermotion Challenge 2015).

Author: Lucia Frascerra Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: evermotion loft challenge 2015 lucia frascerra makingofteatime
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