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Over 20 Evermotion Archmodels libraries will be soon available directly in Bloom Unit, helping CG artists to create photorealistic renderings in SketchUp.

All existing Bloom Unit users can get a little taste of what will be coming, with five Evermotion objects that are available now.
Currently Bloom Unit is converting over 20 volumes (that's over 1,400 models) of the Evermotion Archmodels range for use with Bloom Unit. These will be progressively released over the next three months during the trial. You will find models for Furniture, Trees, Gadgets, Kitchenware, Food, Beds, Office sets and many others.
Library items will be available as Proxy Objects, so they don't require time to upload and won't slow down the workflow. You just place the low detail version in SketchUp and Bloom Unit's servers automatically replace it with a high detail, photorealistic version.
Until 31st August 2013 all Bloom Unit customers will be able to use this growing library free of charge. And now all existing Bloom Unit users can use the small library of five great Evermotion objects.
About Bloom Unit
Bloom Unit is a plug in for SketchUp that lets you create photo-real scenes using the power of cloud computing. With push-button interactive results based on true simulations of how light actually behaves, you can share live views of your design with anyone who has a connected device, perform collaborative changes, and make lightning-fast decisions.
Through Bloom Unit you can get all project members — co-workers, contractors and clients alike — viewing in real time and rapidly collaborating on your design. As you continue to create or modify your SketchUp model, the resulting photo-real scene is pushed to each project member's screen.
There is no need to invest in expensive hardware to run Bloom Unit and you don't need any complex rendering software, so there's no upgrade or maintenance fees. You only pay for what you use.
Each scene produced through Bloom Unit is a true simulation of how light behaves in the real world. The Luminaire and Material libraries included represent actual lights and finishes used when building your design in real life. Scenes are measurable in standard units and the most complex light interactions are correctly simulated.
The Bloom Unit plug-in is available for free download and comes with one free hour of cloud rendering time. Additional hours can be purchased for $6 an hour from your user dashboard. These hours are used in units of 1 minutes.


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: dr_After
Tags: evermotion
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