TipOfTheWeek. Simple interior lighting - part 1

Kuba / Evermotion 2013-02-28 13:15 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > lighting

Kuba from Evermotion explains in this tutorial how to setup lights in interior scene with V-ray. Enjoy!

Author: Kuba / Evermotion Editor: dr_After
Tags: evermotion


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Arch.Hany14:31:02  |  28-02-2013
It Was Amazing Really I learned some new tricks there ,Thanks a Million :D
vojislav17:23:48  |  28-02-2013
nice tips! I appreciate. say something about camera setings?
lillo120:21:00  |  28-02-2013
very nice... i've got two questions: what material for the base plan? and camera settings?.. cheers.
Ahmednibo08:15:45  |  01-03-2013
Thanks ...this is very helpful ...what about the camera settings?
vel15:02:03  |  01-03-2013
Hi all, thanks for great response. Camera setup is not that important, just control exposure with one of the settings: ISO, shutter speed of F number.( It doesnt matter which one, unless you want to use physical dof) Camera settings are visible in the scene at some point in tutorial. Use vertical shift ( click "guess") and disable vignetting. You may play a litte with color mapping, but in most cases light blue will work just fine.
peter3209:44:28  |  02-03-2013
i have not viewed the tip, but is it mental ry or v-ray?
martta22:40:14  |  03-03-2013
It is V-ray tutorial
lithningblue10:30:29  |  04-03-2013
Thanks for this cool tips, i like idea of orange sphere to get sunlight, its better then get direct sun to the room.
thanhluong11:36:06  |  07-03-2013
It's in the way of your creativity!Excellent.Thank you very much.I really impressed with colormapping and the influence of the outer floor.
turas2912:33:53  |  09-03-2013
Hi, great tutorial. I have a question about window glass, in this kind of shots do you put glass in windows or it is just window frame ?
Neo18:41:41  |  06-08-2013
Give complete scene please!
suyoga_ghag08:24:11  |  09-10-2013
Hi, Thanks for the tutorials. But want to know the setting of vray physical camera
trgraphics18:18:16  |  03-01-2014
Nice tutorial but I don't understand why do a light tutorial and not include the scene. Lighting is so specific to the scene it's difficult to transfer to another scene unless you learn the method in the scene being used.
josvi13:39:12  |  28-07-2014
Magnifico, me hubiera gustado ver como responden mas materiales.
kuboa22:13:35  |  16-11-2014
Moc hezký tutoriál. Díky. Thans. Very nice tut.


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