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See Making of one of the winning scenes of Evermotion Challenge 2015!

Hello Everyone, I want to congratulate all participants, winners and Evermotion team for making this fantastic Challenge. In this tutorial I describe step by step making my Brooklyn NYC Loft.
The Idea was to create something like photo essay using cg. The rendering describes one day of artist who lived in this loft interior. I was searching vintage stuff from 60’s and 70’s collecting art and and lots of things like pop art posters, old vintage furniture, raw details from old factory.

Click on image to enlarge002_evermotion.jpg

Reference images and sketches


Click on image to enlarge001__evermotion.jpg

Final Render

I feel comfortable to made all modeling process in 3dsmax and corona render to get more quickly and photorealistic result and made quick tests for details.

Click on image to enlarge003_evermotion.jpg

View from camera. A lot of light will come from outside through glass windows.


Click on image to enlarge004_evermotion.jpg

Interior top view without roofing


Click on image to enlarge005_evermotion.jpg

You can see how all space divided to zones. Work zone, sleep and rest.


Click on image to enlarge006_evermotion.jpg

Elevation with hidden wall.


Click on image to enlarge006_evermotion.jpg

Modeling process (GIF)



Click on image to enlargeScreenshot_21_evermotion.jpg

Vintage Buffet with decor.


Click on image to enlargeScreenshot_22_evermotion.jpg

Modelling of the paving

Selection of props and bed modeled and used in scene

Click on image to enlargeScreenshot_23_evermotion.jpg

Bathroom zone area separated partition walls.


Click on image to enlargeScreenshot_24_evermotion.jpg

Table with paint props.


Click on image to enlargeScreenshot_25_evermotion.jpg

Workspace furniture.


Click on image to enlargeScreenshot_28_evermotion.jpg

Selection of vintage pop-art 60s posters used in scene.


Click on image to enlargeSLT_001_evermotion.jpg

Lighting tests rendered in Corona.


Click on image to enlargeSLT_002_evermotion.jpg

Lighting tests rendered in Corona.

Click on image to enlargeUntitled_evermotion.jpg

Vintage soccer ball modeler in marvelous designer

Click on image to enlargeSLT_0003_evermotion.jpg

Corona Sun & Sky settings.


Click on image to enlargeSLT_00004_evermotion.jpg

Lamp setup with Corona light material.


Click on image to enlargeSM1_4_evermotion.jpg

Background shaders setup maps with color correction.


Click on image to enlargeSM1_5_evermotion.jpg

Corona light materials used for backgrounds.


Click on image to enlargeSM1_6_evermotion.jpg

Brick wall shader.


Click on image to enlargeSM1_7_evermotion.jpg

Wall shader.


Click on image to enlargeSN1_1_evermotion.jpg

Camera settings.


Click on image to enlargeSN1_2_evermotion.jpg

Corona Render settings.


Click on image to enlargeUntitled_evermotion_1.jpg

Render elements.


Click on image to enlargeSN1_2_before_post_production_evermotion.jpg

Before post production.

Click on image to enlargeSN1_2_with_post_production_evermotion.jpg

After post production.


Click on image to enlargeSN1_3_photoshop_layes_evermotion.jpg

Photoshop layers. Using 32 bit channel for output and saved in exr. gives more possibilities to work in deeper light range.


Click on image to enlargeSN2_4Arionfx_evermotion.jpg

Arion FX for Photoshop works perfectly in 32 bit channel. Setup of color fringe, bloom,glare and tone mapping.


Click on image to enlarge001__evermotion.jpg

Final image after post production. Placing character in final image.

I would like to once again thank the jury for the award and Evermotion team. Thank you to all participants and forum users which visited and supporting the contest threads. Thank you for reading hope you will find some tips to raise your skills.


Author: Yarko Kushta Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: evermotion loft challenge 2015 yarko kushta
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