Making of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Lobby

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This interior is inspired by luxury hotel interior located in United States - Charlotte, North Carolina.

Located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, is a luxury hotel that brings an urbane sophistication through its innovative restaurants, dramatic skyline views, spacious guest rooms and suites, and its environmental commitment. Evermotion created 3D scene inspired by its great lobby. This scene comes from Archinteriors vol. 44. It is scene 10 of this collection. It was rendered in V-Ray.

Click on image to enlargeAI44_010_cam_001_PP_evermotion.jpg

Final render (camera 1). We can see lobby with marble floor, wooden hanging ceiling, classy lamps on tables and some light from LED strip hidden under hanging ceiling.



Click on image to enlargereference_evermotion.jpg

Reference (real photo). That's how this lobby looks in "real life".



Click on image to enlargeAI44_010_cam_002_PP_evermotion.jpg

Final redner, camera 2.


Click on image to enlargeAI44_S10_0005_Layer_1_evermotion.jpg

That's how this scene looks through Vray Camera in 3ds Max viewport with Materials color enabled (top right corner).


Click on image to enlargeAI44_S10_0004_Layer_2_evermotion.jpg

Floor has a pattern made of different kind of marble. We haven't use just some mapping on a floor, we used geometry nad different VrayMaterials for greater realism of marble floor.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0026_Layer_17_evermotion.jpg

Floor marble - close up.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0025_Layer_18_evermotion.jpg

This is floor material. It consists of many bub-materials for different kinds of marble. We will make a close-up on some of them on later screens.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0023_Layer_20_evermotion.jpg

Floor: black marble 1.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0022_Layer_21_evermotion.jpg

Floor: yellow marble.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0021_Layer_22_evermotion.jpg

Floor: black marble 2.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0041_Layer_2_evermotion.jpg

The full scene as seen from outside. You can see that we used VraySun to give additional light. In the final render it influences side room and lits translucent curtain that hangs against camera 1, in the end of the lobby.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0040_Layer_3_evermotion.jpg

Camera 1 settings.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0039_Layer_4_evermotion.jpg

Camera 2 settings.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0038_Layer_5_evermotion.jpg

Lights seen from the top view.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0037_Layer_6_evermotion.jpg

Our LED strip is just long recangular VrayLight with warm color. Settings to the right.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0036_Layer_7_evermotion.jpg

We also used many small light sources in the ceiling. Settings to the right.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0035_Layer_8_evermotion.jpg

Side room has a Skylight portal in the window that lets sunlight in.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0034_Layer_9_evermotion.jpg

Additional vertical lights in side room.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0033_Layer_10_evermotion.jpg

Small lights in hanging ceiling.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0030_Layer_13_evermotion.jpg

Main building mesh with removed ceiling polygons. The lobby is a long hall with two smaller rooms on its sides.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0029_Layer_14_evermotion.jpg

The lobby with ceiling polygons removed. We also hid props, hanging ceiling, lights and cameras on this screen.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0028_Layer_15_evermotion.jpg

Marble floor material of the building (but not the marble pattern).


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0019_Layer_24_evermotion.jpg

Building with some polygons cut. You can see that we have separate plane for ceiling (selected on the image).


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0018_Layer_25_evermotion.jpg

Ceiling material.


Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0017_Layer_26_evermotion.jpg

Ceiling material.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0016_Layer_27_evermotion.jpg

Hanging ceiling module.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0015_Layer_28_evermotion.jpg

Hanging ceiling material.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0014_Layer_29_evermotion.jpg

Hanging ceiling material, continued.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0013_Layer_30_evermotion.jpg

Hanging ceiling material, continued.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0012_Layer_31_evermotion.jpg

Hanging ceiling material, maps.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0010_Layer_33_evermotion.jpg

The curtain that hangs at the end of a lobby.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0009_Layer_34_evermotion.jpg

Curtain mesh.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0008_Layer_35_evermotion.jpg

Curtain material. Curtain has two colors, so we used Multi/Sub object material.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0007_Layer_36_evermotion.jpg

We assigned two-sided Vray material for the main part of the curtain.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0006_Layer_37_evermotion.jpg

Curtain - side 1.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0005_Layer_38_evermotion.jpg

Curtain - side 1, falloff map settings.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0004_Layer_39_evermotion.jpg

Curtain, side 2.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0003_Layer_40_evermotion.jpg

Curtain, side 2, fallof map settings.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0002_Layer_41_evermotion.jpg

Curtain, red part material.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0001_Layer_42_evermotion.jpg

Curtain, red part, falloff map settings.



Click on image to enlargeBAI44_S10_0000_Layer_43_evermotion.jpg

Curtain, red part, falloff map in reflection glossiness slot settings.






Click on image to enlargecam1_pp1_evermotion.jpg

Final render.


Click on image to enlargecam_1_ps_stack.JPG

Photoshop stack from raw camera 1 image. The bottom layer is raw RGB render, next comes highpass filter for sharpening (radius 0.5 pixels), two next layers are specular and reflection passes (linear dodge and lighter color blending modes). After them we placed Motion Blur layer that enhances soft light reflections on the furniture and walls. Hue / Saturation layer desaturated image quite heavily (-34%), then we added light bloom, curves for greater contrast. Gradient layer makes the room on the left more blueish, at the top we have Lighting layer.


Click on image to enlargecam_2_ps_stack.JPG

Camera 2 Photoshop stack. Sharpening with highpass filter, reflection and specular layers. Gradient light layer makes some light bloom near lamps. The last color adjustment layers increase contrast and desaturate image a bit.

Thanks for reading!


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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