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Making of a Lobby Bar - Tip of the Week

Michał Franczak 2016-02-23 15:09 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

A scene inspired by a Lobby Bar in Mercure Santa Rosa La Pampa hotel.

This scene is a part of our Archinteriors vol. 44 - modern lobbies collection. It is available in Evermotion Shop. You can purchase this single scene or entire Archinteriors vol. 44 collection (10 scenes). This scene was made by Kuba Dąbrowski from Evermotion.

Click on image to enlargenr_AI44_009_Cam_001_PP_177.jpg

Final image after post-production, as seen by camera 1.

Click on image to see 360 panoramaPAN_PREV.JPG

Click then drag your mouse to see 360 panorama of the scene.


Click on image to enlargenr_AI44_009_Cam_002_PP_178.jpg

Final image after post-production - camera 2.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_1_156.jpg

A view from 3ds Max viewport - camera 2.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_2_155.jpg

Camera 2. Viewport with "Materials Color" option enabled (right top corner).


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_3_154.jpg

In front of the building we placed two planes with bitmaps.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_4_153.jpg

We also placed some 3d trees models by the side of the building.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_5_152.jpg

Trees bitmaps in front of the building.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_6_151.jpg

Two bitmaps - one of them is trees image and the second is a mask. Mask is needed to enhance light that comes from behind the trees. Simply put: black areas have lower opacity, thanks to that the light can penetrate bitmap easier in these areas. The result - trees are darker, sky behind them is lighter. This "HDR" effect couldn't be achieved with a single VrayLight material.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_7_150.jpg

VrayLight material of trees planes.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_8_149.jpg

Trees - light color bitmap.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_9_148.jpg

One of trees models used in this scene.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_10_147.jpg

External light is provided by target direct light.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_11_146.jpg

We placed skylight simple portals in the windows.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_12_145.jpg

Another skylight portal.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_14_143.jpg

We placed many spotlights above the tables.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_15_142.jpg

VrayPhysicalCamera (camera 1).


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_16_141.jpg

Camera 1, from another angle.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_17_176.jpg

Window framing elements.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_18_175.jpg

Frame material. The same material is shared by the ceiling.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_20_173.jpg

There is a subtle curtain in the window.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_21_172.jpg

Window curtain - We used some translucent and opacity maps to make this material.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_22_171.jpg

Window curtain material (continued).


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_23_170.jpg

There are some decorative elements standing on the windowsill.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_24_169.jpg

More lights in the corridor.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_25_168.jpg

Main building is made of many elements.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_26_167.jpg

Ribbing in the ceiling beneath the window.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_27_166.jpg

Part of the floor in the lobby - teracotta.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_28_165.jpg

Floor close-up.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_29_164.jpg

Floor material. Looks complicated at the first sight, but it is just VrayMaterial with five, carefully tweaked maps for diffuse, reflection, bump, glossiness and glossiness highlight.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_30_163.jpg

Diffuse material - almost black, but with some imperfections.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_31_162.jpg

Floor - composite map settings.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_32_161.jpg

Some IES lights above the tables.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_33_160.jpg

Wooden floor material.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_34_159.jpg

Wooden floor diffuse bitmap.


Click on image to enlargeai44s09_Layer_35_158.jpg

Spherical environment map.


Click on image to enlargerender_settings_157.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlargenr_Untitled_179.jpg

Post-production - camera 2. Above RGB layer we have a slight chromatic abberation layer that affetcs only edges of the image. We have subtle vignette above, then harpening of the center of the image. Curves and levels layers give more contrast correction, hue/saturation layer takes down "greens" slider. Above is specular layer and a layer that enhances spotlights. the last layers enhance soft light, reflection and give a small bloom around ceiling lamps.

Click on image to enlargenr_Untitled_180.jpg

Post-production - camera 1. Post-production is very similar to the second camera, except from two top layers. Scatter layer gives more light coming from the window and top frame makes the ceiling a bit darker.


Click on image to enlargenr_AI44_009_Cam_001_PP_177.jpg

Final image - camera 1.


Click on image to enlargenr_AI44_009_Cam_002_PP_178.jpg

Final image - camera 2.

This scene is a part of our Archinteriors vol. 44 - modern lobbies collection. It is available in Evermotion Shop. You can purchase this single scene or entire Archinteriors vol. 44 collection (10 scenes)

Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: archinteriors lobby bar hotel pampa mercury santa rosa ai44
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Marinov 14:25:15  |  24-02-2016
Nice work, can i ask you where i can find these floor tiles, who is the manufacturer?
dr_After 15:22:48  |  24-02-2016
To be honest - those tiles were made for visualization so we cannot provide information about manufacturer, sorry :/
mbialecki 09:28:40  |  01-03-2016
Incredible sense of photorealism in 360 panorama!!! Wow :)
DianaMor 14:38:41  |  03-03-2016
Nice visualization work, composition and design! :)