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Making of Four Seasons Hotel Lobby

Mateusz Szymiczek 2013-04-22 09:48 tutorial  > Making of  > modeling

Immerse yourself in the creative process behind the Four Seasons Hotel lobby with Evermotion's tutorial. Learn the techniques used to design and visualize this luxurious architectural space, and gain inspiration for your own projects.

Hello, my name is Mateusz Szymiczek, I'm CG artist and owner of CGI office called Visual Studio (based in Poznan, Poland).

You can visit our behance profile and facebook page.

Some time ago we posted Four Seasons Lobby visualization that we made for one of our clients. It was inspired by actual Four Seasons Hotel lobby in Paris. Thanks to Evermotion we are able to show you some parts of our workflow and overall mood concept. Thanks in advance to all of you for comments and appreciation.

First, let's take a look at the final images. We only did one image, so the other one is just a close up to see the better quality of the render and details.

Click the image for full resolution

Final work


Our base materials were photographs. Our client wanted to do a photomontage at first, but after a few brainstorms about setting the lightning, right perspective and colour correction we decided and convinced client to go full 3D. The main problem which discarded the photomontage was the lack of high resolution photos of the interior.

Click the image for full resolution

Reference image



As you can notice, modeling it's not 100% accurate when it comes to proportions but we had to stretch some parts to fit the furniture in, so everything looks right. To be honest: the hardest part was setting the main box to get proportions well. The image below depicts how we played with simple poly box edges to conform the box to the interior, but first we drew perspective help lines to get this as accurate as possible.

Click the image for full resolution

Drawing perspective help lines


Click the image for full resolution

More advanced version…


Very useful in that kind of modeling was the shortcut Alt+x for see through view type for selected objects. We were getting further and further with the model by simple poly commands – extrude, bridge, bevel and inset.

Click the image for full resolution

All wall panels, architraves and ceiling was prepared by very useful modifier – Lathe!

Click the image for full resolution

The most helpful thing was that the whole interior was symmetrical so we basically had only to model the half of the room and than copy and mirror it + WELD.

Another thing which was kind of problem was the floor for which we didn't have any plan. So again we tried to first draw only a quarter of it by simple splines. The floor is simplified a lot, but we decided that this won't be noticeable at all, as we will get reflections and wide angle so the floor won't be so eye catching.

Click the image for full resolution

Floor pattern


Click the image for full resolution

Finished interior model looked like that after only 6 hours of modeling, which we were surprised about, but probably due to symmetry we had to do a lot less work.




After we finished the model, we knew that this CGI will look stunning. We knew that the the image has to look dramatic with lots of light variety by setting temperature (warm and cold) and intensity (over and under exposed). To get that result we used Peter Guthrie HDRI - 2003 Dusk Map. As you can see on the image below we used lots of web photometric lights, some vray planes in the entrance and for linear light.

Click the image for full resolution

Photometric lights and Vray planes


Click the image for full resolution

And some wires to take a look at the model with total lightning and GI…


Click the image for full resolution





When the lighting and models were done we started to prepare the materials. The main materials in this image are very simple, cause we think that keeping it simple is the right way to go. Than if we want to add some dirt, noise etc. we do that in photoshop, but this image had to be very clean to convince buyers that the materials used for the furniture and fabrics are luxurious and top quality. Wall was covered with stone tiles. The texture was prepared with Brick'nTiles app. ( from our limestone texture.

As you can see the walls don't have any reflection visible, but (as many of you know) most of the materials in our world have some reflection so we added just a little bit to it so that some details like noise, bump and joints would become more visible. Ok, so we've covered about 60% of the image with one material, how did it render so well? The answer is: details and lightning! In my honest opinion that's the key to good CGI. If you prepare very detailed model, the light will do it all.

Probably many of you won't agree with me but that's how we work and many of our clients appreciate the fact that we care about every detail. Maybe my architectural background shaped me in that direction... Therefore after modeling and setting the lights we had a short way to get to the final stage.

Click the image for full resolution

Modeling and lighting done


Apart the wall stone, we worked a bit on the floor material. It's a simple marble collection, nice shapes with high gloss surface. To get a little variation we randomized by ID elements and gave different shades of grey :) to the reflection slot by multimaterial as well to IOR slot.

Another material is the one used in crystal chandeliers. We used simple Vray material with white diffuse and slightly off white refraction so that the refraction catch a bit of light. The Refraction IOR was set to 2,14. The main problem was to get the chandeliers very bright and glowing. To achieve that we had to place few light in the chandelier and outside to lit it and receive reflections but exclude from affecting the whole interior.

Other materials are really simple - just some wood and fabric textures with some small fresnel reflection and little bump.

Click the image for full resolution

All textures for the interior. Apart form the furniture and paintings.




Settings were cranked up a bit to achieve quite good irradiance map and the raytrace threshold was set to 1.0 to reduce light leaks. Apart from that I think it's quite simple :) I used a Hdr map in the set of Peter Guthrie (2003 Dusk Blue) plugged in to a vraydome light.

 Click the image for full resolution

Render settings


Click the image for full resolution

...and more settings




Click the image for full resolution

Raw render


Click the image for full resolution

A few basic steps like adding glow to light sources with lighten and screen mode in Photoshop.


Click the image for full resolution

Adding curves


Click the image for full resolution

Some colour balance and tweaking white tones


Click the image for full resolution

Changing dull yellow tones to more warm by adding some red to it, a little more contrast and saturation to blue tones and here it is Final_final_FIN_version.png :D


All done in 2-3 working days including client's feedback.

You can also watch this short sequence we did to showcase our workflow :)

That's it!

I hope you find this making of enjoying and helpful in some ways, also you can find more of my works at our website or

You can subscribe for some news and work in progress and like our fanpage on facebook.

Also, our high-end CGI animation will be published very soon so stay tuned and check our vimeo profile!

Thanks for reading!



Author: Mateusz Szymiczek Editor: dr_After
Tags: lobby hotel szymiczek
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hisham_elkaaki 21:58:41  |  23-04-2013
nice work . plz send me the max file
glencf 12:26:12  |  24-04-2013
wonderful... send me also the max file :)
formrender 18:16:51  |  30-04-2013
This is just awesome guys, I really liked how much details you guys have considered about all of the scene. It really shows how you appreciated been working on that. Great lighting, composition and atmosphere, once again, awesome! Follow you guys on vimeo as well, cheers.
omarov 11:34:55  |  08-05-2013
thats good man,, very good. can u plz send me the file on or to my gmail. we r looking forwarder to stay in touch for my future project. best regards.
SerTerel 16:54:42  |  08-05-2013
It's really amazing!!! Thank you for this post. Please, if its possible, send to me this scene in max with ies. My works always blurry. Want growing up. Thank you a lot.
Dan1988 06:27:20  |  09-05-2013
wonderful!!! could have max file too?
delna 11:01:24  |  09-05-2013
Hi Can please mail me the rough initial 3dmax model file. So that I can too practice the same. Mail ID Thank You.
spcaos 11:38:32  |  10-05-2013
Hi. Can please mail me 3dmax model file. I'm Chinese. Want to learn.Thank You. (
CADinho 16:23:48  |  19-05-2013
Hey Dude ! Great job... what's vray camera settings ?
ya design 15:14:49  |  05-06-2013
Awesome !!! i really like it !! could you please send me max file to learn!! thx
mahane 11:08:44  |  31-07-2013
it is really nice, can you send me max file to learn
0619 04:26:02  |  03-09-2013
wonderful!!! could have max file too? Thank you a lot
furtonb 18:35:14  |  14-09-2013
Absolutely stunning work, especially when I read that all the work was done in 3 days... Could you send me the max file too? :)
mudassar85 14:33:18  |  15-10-2013
nice work . plz send me the max file
zossa 22:49:03  |  26-10-2013
great job!!!send me the max file
chymera14 02:14:14  |  04-11-2013
wonderful job...pls send me the max file..
Wolfgang_PS 20:38:41  |  04-12-2013
Top quality. Thanks for sharing! And geez guys stop asking for the files he already explained everything stop being so frigging lazy!
nicebb 06:50:01  |  24-05-2014
so nice.plz send me the max file
thanhnguyen1984 18:08:14  |  30-05-2014
Nice work . Please send me the max file
davendask 10:22:37  |  02-12-2015
nice mood of render. can have a copy of file and post production please. thank you so much!
davendask 10:23:30  |  02-12-2015
sorry forgot my email address.