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Breakdown of a 3ds Max and V-Ray Scene 8 of Archinteriors vol. 41.

You can buy Archinteriors vol. 41 in Evermotion Shop. the collection is made for 3ds Max / V-Ray.

Final image after post-production


The scene in 3ds Max viewport


VraySun settings


VraySky settings


Vray Camera settings


Light boxes that are hanging from a ceiling.


Inside of the hanging box we have some pillars that attach it to the ceiling and 3 VrayLights inside - two on sides and one on a bottom.


Side Vraylight settings


Box material - it's two-sided translucent material


Box material - continued


Box material - continued


Bottom VrayLight settings


Lamp framing material


We placed Vray Light Portal in the windows behind camera.


Wall is a simple plane with some polygons removed.


Floor mesh - right side of the lobby


Floor mesh - close up


Floor material


Floor material - VrayDirt map settings


Floor mesh (left side of the lobby)


Floor material


Floor material - VrayDirt settings


Floor material - Falloff map settings


There are many boxy decorative elements in the lobby. It's a simple box mesh with four VrayLights pointing to the floor.


Standing box mesh - another angle


Ceiling mesh


Ceiling mesh - close-up


Ceiling material


Ceiling material - VrayDirt map settings


A plane with a grass map outside.


Plane material


Trees seen through the window are just maps on planes


Background trees material




Camera 1 in 3ds Max viewport: raw render / post-production view.


Author: Evermotion Editor: Michał Franczak
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