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Hi Everyone! My name is Egor Goray and here is my making of CityLife NY - Intersection.

The idea was to show typical New York intersection in Manhattan. Here are some final shots. Click on any picture to see bigger version.


I`ve started with gathering some referneces and selected this one:


It seems to me that this shot shows most typical NY corner, with all typical elements like lamp poles, subway stations, fastfood carts, etc. Then I`ve used Google Maps to find this place in NY.
After this I started creating buildings and environment using Google streetview.

Here are some examples:

I`ve made screenshots for all details using Jing from Techsmith and started modeling phase.


For adding such details as food cart, parking meter, umbrellas I`ve used different image references and textures which I could find:

Buildings were done by polygonal modeling using such reference images like these as:

Also I`ve used some images as references to roof details and building textures

Buildings and roof details:

Fastfood Cart - simple box modeling:

LampPole: splines+polygonal modeling:

Other details were done by same polygonal or spline modeling:

For cars I`ve used EvermotionTaxi and FordCrownVictoria from some repository.
I`ve changed materials and some textures:

Next I`d like to share some tricks I`ve used in rain and winter scenes.


For snow winter scene I`ve created snow by modeling. I` know that there are plugins for it or method with particles\blobmesh... but I think they doesn`t give good result every time. So here is an "algorithm"select top faces of object using "Ignore backfaces" and then press "shrink".


Detach selected faces to Clone Object. Extrude them Local to Normal (30-40mm), apply Subdivide modifier (100mm) and relax (3-5 iterations):


Then add noise to all faces except those which are closest to the edges, aply ProOptimiser (especially if there are big planar surfaces) and relax a bit again

Then, using soft selection, adjust your snow model to make it more real:


Snow road was done using to objects: 1st for road and 2nd for snow with VrayDisplaicement:

You can find information about snow material below.


For rain simulation I`ve used MultiScatter to show rain bounces on surfaces

Material setup for rain scene can be find below in texturing section. For rain and snow effects I`ve used basic particles emitters, rendered them with velociy channel and blured in AfterEffects using RSMB plugin.


During texturing stage I`ve used lots of composite materials. Generaly VrayBlendMtl, VrayDirt. Here are few examples for typical materials in a scene: Central building wall material:

wet metal material:

snow material:

here is rainy asphalt material:

For road intersection I`ve used few different textures:


I`ve used 3 different render setting for summer, winter and autumn scenes.





I hope you have found something useful in this article. Good luck!

Author: Egor Goray for Evermotion
Tags: makingof exterior city snow rain
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arqing00:44:53  |  22-01-2013
Wow!! THank you!!! Everything is useful.. Congratulations for your work! It's Superb!!!!... what can you tell us about your rendertimes? (and Hardware to do it) Thanks!
Gallystops23:02:52  |  23-01-2013
This is great! I will try your method of snow with many others and see what I like best. Can you tell me what you did to get that "feel" with the 3d people? Thanks so much!
Ametist15:24:23  |  28-01-2013
to arqing: rendertime 5-6 hours. Intel i7 3.0 GHz, 12 Gb RAM to Gallystops: I`ve used Lowpolygon3d people. Just placed them so they fit cameraangle better
ak_4720:58:54  |  30-01-2013
Outstanding workkk....what kinda lighting you have use & done in those shops & buldings? & neon lighting in winter season?
rus_media18:31:32  |  07-02-2013
You are insane. Nice job man, its great...
svb23:59:22  |  07-02-2014
great work and great tutorial, but you gonna run in to some traffic problems. when traffic runs on 6th ave that cab on the 1st picture on 14th street couldn't be there unless it run the red light and then probably would have gotten a mouth full from the pedestrians just behind it. if you look at your reference picture you see all the cars lining up by the red light on 14st. it would look the same in the other direction on 14st as well. still great work, I especially like the rain pictures and also how you made the snow. i'm gonna try that on 1 off my own snow pics
svb17:13:50  |  11-02-2014
Also how do you get that lighting in the shop windows? it really looks great. btw there is no 4 5 6 line at 6th ave
Schweinsberg03:37:04  |  19-07-2015
I don't really understand people like you. I mean I am good. I've been doing this for 16 years. But I am a piece of crap compared to you sir. I just don't know how you get to be this good. I'm sure from your perspective it's normal. You just go about your business every day, modeling and rendering and don't think anything of it. You probably have no idea you are a God. I almost don't want to even do 3D When I see people this insane good because there is no hope for me. Go to bed tonight knowing that you are about as good at this as anyone in the world gets. Yeah, I'm sure some people wt Weta Digital and ILM are as amazing, but as far as a regular person, no on in the world can beat you. Maybe some other really good artists can tie you, but no one can beat you.


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