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Hello, my name is Dimitar Dimitrov, I`m from Bulgaria and I have been working in the CGI for 5 years.

The main thing I want to write about in this making off tutorial is not the technical part of the project. I want to write about the organization of the work. The main problem of the CGI artists who make non-commercial job is that they don't finish it on time. The first thing I do when I start the project is to check how much time I have. I joined NOX competition at the end and I had just few days to make the image so I have divided my time into:

  • Concept - 2 hours - few quick sketches in my sketchbook.
  • Looking for references - 2-3 hours - I found some great references for organic here: https://www.biodigitalhuman.com/home/
  • Interior modelling and texturing - 2 hours
  • Heart modelling and texturing - 10 hours
  • Lighting - 3 hours
  • Retouching - 3 hour
Everything took me about 23 - 26 hours in 4-5 days. This is very important in every project you make. You must finish your work before the deadline.

The job

Ok, lets do the job:
1. First I modeled a heart in 3ds max, unwrapped it and exported to obj to add detail in Zbrush:

2. I built the scene. I knew that at the end the background will be blurred and almost nothing will be visible there so I didn`t waste my time to add detail and make better texture for there.

3. I used 2 great scripts for next step. I made floor tiles with this StonePlacment script ( https://www.aardolino.com/stone-placement-tools-maxscript/ ) and made webs with CobWebs (https://jokermartini.com/2012/05/09/cobwebs/ )

4. I found out that Nox have a great ability for postproduction so I had in mind what I wanted to make with lighting and just added few lights in the scene and after that I controlled it in the postproduction stage

5. I didn`t want to go too far with heart and make it bloody. I wanted it to look more like an illustration.

6. Final image:

Author: Dimitar Dimitrov
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