Get better visual quality in 3ds max viewport

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Eloi Andaluz Fullà shows how you can tweak 3ds Max viewport settings to achieve the look similar to new Blender's Eevee realtime render.

We have a new Blender 2.8 beta available, the big star is Eevee-  new renderer that looks great and works in realtime. How close we can get to it using 3ds Max old "nitrous" viewport? The truth is that nitrous is capable of multiple rasterize effects, like Ambient Occlusion, spherical reflections, normal mapping, DOF, motion blur, area shadows and more, but all options are scattered and many are hidden.

Learn what 3dsmax parameters you need to tweak to make your 3ds Max ciewport more like Blende's Eevee.




Author: Eloi Andaluz Fullà Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: eevee 3dsmax
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