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Making of a Sunny Loft - Tip of the Week

Marcin Białecki 2016-09-22 09:51 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

This sunny loft is one of many interiors from Archexteriors vol. 46 collection which will be in Evermotion shop soon.

Breakdown of a scene 002 from Archinteriors vol. 46.

Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_PP_final_render_evermotion.jpg

This is a final image.


Click on image to enlarge01_camera_view.jpg

The loft is divided into two zones: the living area and office area.


Click on image to enlarge02_living_area.jpg

3ds Max viewport.


Click on image to enlarge03_office_area.jpg

3ds Max viewport.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_wire.jpg

To achieve this "wire effect" I used the VrayEdgeTex Map.


Click on image to enlargeVrayEdgeTex_Map.jpg

VrayEdgeTex map settings. You will find more uses of VrayEdgeTex in this tutorial.


The whole scene is made up of the following parts.
This interior is composed of more than a hundred different models. They are mapped and ready to use on other projects.

Click on image to enlarge01_building.jpg



Click on image to enlarge02_environment.jpg



Click on image to enlarge03_Furnitures.jpg



Click on image to enlarge04_Lamps.jpg



Click on image to enlarge05_Lighting_1.jpg



Click on image to enlarge06_Props.jpg



Click on image to enlarge07_books.jpg



Click on image to enlarge07_props_kitchen.jpg

Props - kitchen.


Click on image to enlarge07_props_office.jpg

Props - office.


Click on image to enlarge08_ventilation_system.jpg

Ventilation system.


Click on image to enlarge08_ventilation_system_closeup.jpg

Ventilation - close up.


Click on image to enlargeart.jpg



Click on image to enlargechair.jpg



Click on image to enlargedishes.jpg



Click on image to enlargefan.jpg



Click on image to enlargefire_protection_system.jpg



Click on image to enlargefire_protection_system_B.jpg



Click on image to enlargefire_protection_system_C.jpg



Click on image to enlargefloor.jpg



Click on image to enlargefridge.jpg



Click on image to enlargehood.jpg



Click on image to enlargemany_props.jpg



Click on image to enlargeoven.jpg



Click on image to enlargeoven_1.jpg



Click on image to enlargesink.jpg



Click on image to enlargesocket.jpg



Click on image to enlargestairs.jpg



Click on image to enlargeswitches.jpg



Click on image to enlargevent.jpg



Click on image to enlargeventilation_system.jpg



Click on image to enlargewindow.jpg



Click on image to enlargewindow.jpg

During the work you should write to the history of frame buffer in case of any changes. You can then easily see whether the change of a color, light, texture was right or is it maybe worth to return to the previous version. Here's a short story of camera 01 (GIF animation).


Click on image to enlarge05_Lighting_settings.jpg

Most of our scenes are lit by VraySun & VraySky. This gives you easier control of light and shadows than using Direct standard light or HDRi map. This gives you a better photorealism too.



Click on image to enlargecamera_settings.jpg

Fields marked in red are the most changed.


Click on image to enlargeEnvironment_Settings.jpg

The Environment section in V-Ray render parameters is where you can specify a color and a texture map to be used during GI and reflection/refraction calculations. If you don't specify a color/map then the background color and map specified in the 3ds Max Environment dialog will be used by default.



Click on image to enlargeVray_settings.jpg

Fields marked in red are the most changed at the stage of setting the renderer. You can download the vray settings (VRAY PRESETS) here.


Click on image to enlargetextures.jpg

Preview of textures used in the scene.


Click on image to enlarge01_caustic_settings.jpg

To make the scene more photo-realistic, I added caustics to the reflections. Another reason to add this effect was brightening the ceiling. V-Ray supports the rendering of the caustics effects but its not to easy to produce correct effect  and its time-consuming while rendering.
So I decided to do a little trick. I put a SpotLight in the scene with the INCLUDE ALL option (in other words EXLUDE everything else). Directed beam of light on the chrome vent pipe and in the options turned caustic on in Global Illumination overlap. Caustics are not visible enough on raw render therefore need a post-production that will enhance the effect. To make this possible, add VrayCaustics render element.


Click on image to enlarge02_caustics_example.jpg

Caustics example in real world.


Click on image to enlarge03_caustics_search_distance.jpg

Explanation of V-Ray caustics search distance.


Click on image to enlargewindow.jpg

Render passes (GIF animation).


Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_raw_render.jpg

Raw render.


Click on image to enlargePostproduction.jpg



Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_PP_final_render.jpg

Final render.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_Cam_002.jpg

Additional render.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_Cam_003_PP.jpg

Additional render.


Click on image to enlargeAI46_002_Cam_004_PP.jpg

Additional render. Thanks for reading and don't forget to visit Evermotion Shop - Archinteriors vol. 46 are coming soon!
Author: Marcin Białecki Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: loft tip sunny week
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