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Making of Norfolk Street - Tip of the Week

Michał Franczak 2016-04-13 15:29 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

Making of a evening city scene from Archexteriors vol. 28.

This exterior is inspired by a evening view on Norfolk Street. In the middle of the scene you can see 100 Norfolk Street apartments building - an architectural masterpiece on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. It is included in Archexteriors vol. 28 as scene 8. The scene was made in 3ds Max and rendered in V-Ray by Marcin Białecki (Evermotion).

Click on image to enlargeAE28_008_PP_evermotion.jpg

Final scene after post-production. You can see 100 Norfolk Street building on the right, busy shops and the street in the front. You can find real-world reference for this scene under this link: https://goo.gl/KO61kw

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0052_Layer_1_evermotion.jpg

View from camera 1.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0051_Layer_2_evermotion.jpg

Overview of the scene. There are many buildings in this scene, we will not cover them all in this tip, because it would become too long. Buildings are surrounded by a dome with a evening sky material.

Click on image to enlargebuilding_behind.jpg

This scene is much larger than it seems - there are many buildings behind the camera that you will be able to use in your visualizations.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0050_Layer_3_evermotion.jpg

The tall building mesh.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0049_Layer_4_evermotion.jpg

Tall building is made of many elements. Altohugh it looks like 2d plane from camera perspective, it is actually fully completed model.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0048_Layer_5_evermotion.jpg

Elements of tall building - from the left: side and back glass walls, interior floors, window framing and lights, front glass wall. There is a one more element not visible on this picture - a plane with a bitmap of night building windows. We will take a look at it later.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0047_Layer_6_evermotion.jpg

Tall building  - front glass wall material.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0046_Layer_7_evermotion.jpg

Front glass material is a multi-material made of several variations of glass. Those sub-materials have different IDs and are assigned to different windows, to increase realism.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0045_Layer_8_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material - one of glass windows material.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0044_Layer_9_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material, continued.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0043_Layer_10_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material, continued.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0042_Layer_11_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material, continued.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0041_Layer_12_evermotion.jpg

Front wall material, continued.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0040_Layer_13_evermotion.jpg

Front wall mesh. You can see that different window tints were assigned to different windows. We cared only for windows that are visible to the camera, bottom windows are the same.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0039_Layer_14_evermotion.jpg

Tall building - Framing mesh.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0038_Layer_15_evermotion.jpg

Tall building - framing material.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0037_Layer_16_evermotion.jpg

Tall building - floors.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0036_Layer_17_evermotion.jpg

Tall building - floors material.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0035_Layer_18_evermotion.jpg

Tall building - floors material, VrayDirt settings.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0034_Layer_19_evermotion.jpg

Tall building - side and back walls.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0033_Layer_20_evermotion.jpg

Side and back walls are not visible from this camera angle, so we used only one variation of glass material.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0032_Layer_21_evermotion.jpg

Inside the building we also placed a plane with a night windows bitmap and many lights.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0031_Layer_22_evermotion.jpg

Bitmap mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0030_Layer_23_evermotion.jpg

Bitmap material.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0029_Layer_24_evermotion.jpg

A bitmap plane and lamps seen from another angle.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0028_Layer_25_evermotion.jpg

Vray light lister.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0027_Layer_26_evermotion.jpg

A dome seen from the bottom.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0026_Layer_27_evermotion.jpg

Dome material.
Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0025_Layer_28_evermotion.jpg
Far behind the buildings you can see two small planes, they have trees bitmaps assigned.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0024_Layer_29_evermotion.jpg

Tree bitmap.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0023_Layer_30_evermotion.jpg

Tree plane material.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0022_Layer_31_evermotion.jpg

A building inspired by 100 Norfolk.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0021_Layer_32_evermotion.jpg

We placed some trees models by the street.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0020_Layer_33_evermotion.jpg

Other models.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0019_Layer_34_evermotion.jpg

Main floor is made of two planes - one for the pavement and one for the street.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0018_Layer_35_evermotion.jpg

Street plane.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0017_Layer_36_evermotion.jpg

Street material.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0016_Layer_37_evermotion.jpg

Street material - VrayDirt settings.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0015_Layer_38_evermotion.jpg

We also placed some low poly cars.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0014_Layer_39_evermotion.jpg

..and some commercial stands.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0013_Layer_40_evermotion.jpg

The other buildings are made with the same principal - side and back walls, floors, framing and windows.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0011_Layer_42_evermotion.jpg

100 Norfolk mesh.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0010_Layer_43_evermotion.jpg

100 Norfolk elements.


Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0009_Layer_44_evermotion.jpg

100 Norfolk close-up.


Click on image to enlargebuilding_05_inside_01.jpg

The building is not empty. We placed some low-poly furniture in rooms.



Click on image to enlargebuilding_05_inside_03.jpg

The furniture - close-up.



Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0008_Layer_45_evermotion.jpg

Camera settings.

Click on image to enlargeAI28S08_0007_Layer_46_evermotion.jpg

Vray sky settings.

Click on image to enlargerender_settings_evermotion_1.jpg

Render settings.

Click on image to enlargeAE28_008_raw_evermotion.jpg

Raw render.

Click on image to enlargeps_stack_evermotion_1.jpg

Photoshop post-production. High-pass for sharpening, added specular, reflection and refraction layers. Curves layer for better contrast and hue / saturation alyer for increased overall saturation.

Click on image to enlargeAE28_008_PP_evermotion.jpg

Final render! Thanks for reading. We are aware that we haven't show all - this is a big scene, there are many elements and tweaks here that go beyond the scope of this short tip.

You will find this scene and 9 more inArchexteriors vol. 28 in Evermotion Shop:

Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: archexteriors 28 city tip
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stephenhughes99 16:00:35  |  19-04-2016
How did you do the light trails of the car tail lights?
mbialecki 13:38:50  |  20-04-2016
1.Simple cyliders 2.VrayLightMtl 3. Gradient map on opacity slot. That`s it :) Simple quick fake. How do like it? :)
stephenhughes99 21:37:36  |  25-04-2016
Thanks, yes looks really effective! Must give it a go.
suvik 05:20:49  |  17-05-2016
I cant move the vrayphysicalcamera, can someone help me out? the layer isnt frozen and its not letting me rotate or move the camera.
mbialecki 12:38:25  |  18-05-2016
Hierarchy>LINK INFO> and then untick all :) Secret place in 3ds max about which just few people know ;)