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Everything you wanted to know about posting your works in Evermotion galleries.

Did you know that there are many galleries on Evermotion? And we are just introducing fourth one! We don't want you to get lost on our site, so we decided to celan things up and clarify a bit how does it all work.

Forum Galleries

We have currently five different forum galleries available for our users:

  • VISUALIZATION GALLERY - you can post here any finished arch-visualization works, but not single models.
  • 3D GALLERY - for posting models and all works that are not arch-visualizations
  • 2D GALLERY - you can post any 2d work (paintings, drawings, etc.)
  • GAME ART - for posting works that were meant for games
  • ANIMATIONS - for posting animations
  • WORK IN PROGRESS - you can post here unfinished works of any kind

But there is more than that. Every work posted in one of these galleries can be picked by Evermotion editor and put in Editors' Choice Gallery.

Editors' Choice Gallery

Editors' Choice Gallery  is the one which is the most frequently updated. We crawl through forums every business day and choose works that we find particulary interesting. After voting we decide if we put them in Editor's choice gallery and on the frontpage.

We also admit a badge to everyone who's work was published in Editor's Choice Gallery. The badge (a red shooting target) appears below profile avatar in forum threads and posts.


Forum Users' Awards - NEW!

This month (May 2014) we are launching Forum Users' Awards. Every work posted in one of five forum galleries mentioned in the beginning of this article (VISUALIZATION GALLERY, 3D GALLERY, etc.) can take part in this contest. Rules are quite straightforward. After submitting a new thread with your work (or works) you will see a black strip above it:


Just submit your work and wait till Evermotion team approves it. From this moment users can vote on this work for 14 days. What is the most important - each user can vote on his or hers many favorite works EACH day. What does it mean? You can vote on your favorite works today, and you can come back tomorrow and vote again on the same works. Every two weeks we will pick the Winner - a thread with the biggest number of votes. The winner can choose one Evermotion collection worth up to €120 for free. The winner will be also awarded with Forum Users' Award badge:


All candidates and winners are listed on Forum Users' Award gallery page.

Best of Evermotion

The Holy Grail. This is the gallery of the best and the most awesome works ever posted on It is rarely updated, but if it is updated, you can be sure that it is worthy to remember the work and the author. The works in "Best of Evermotion" Gallery are chosen by editors. User that created work which was put in "Best of Evermotion" gallery receives a badge:


Portfolios Gallery

This is the gallery of personal works of Evermotion users. To post such work you need to register and login on and go to "your portfolio" page which is accesible from drop-down menu below username. You can put up to ten works here, soon we will modify this functionality to give you better portfolio page. You can browse users' portfolios on Portfolios gallery page.

Got any questions? Ask in comments!

Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: evermotion
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Rawalanche10:00:48  |  29-05-2014
Did you know that Evermotion staff browses mostly only Visualization gallery, so it is almost always better to post even non-viz works in Visualization gallery if you want your work to be picked, because other galleries are mostly ignored?
dr_After10:20:26  |  29-05-2014
@Rawalanche: I can assure you that Evermotion staff browses ALL galleries and ANIMATIONS section.
Rawalanche10:40:10  |  29-05-2014
That is definitely not the experience i had for the past two years. There were lots of amazing images in 2D and 3D artworks section. Lot better than many of the mediocre interiors that made it onto the frontpage. Yet i haven't seen majority of those nice non-viz images make it to the frontpage ;)
dr_After10:59:10  |  29-05-2014
@Rawalanche. Right now we have one work from 3d gallery and one from Animations that will be added to Editors' Choice soon, so there are not only interiors. But of course - the most of frontpage (Editors' Choice) works are interiors, because Visualization Gallery is the most often visited one and there are many works added each day in this section. I can only assure you once again that we browse all galleries, we will try to focus on them even more.
cgdigi13:47:08  |  29-05-2014
this is a great idea guys. waiting for my badge.. lol
dr_After15:38:06  |  29-05-2014
@cgdigi. Badges are coming soon :)
JO 709:05:34  |  10-06-2014
Hai sir, I am Anjo.Joseph loging as JO7.First thank You for selecting my work for frontpage & editors choice.It was my dream to won front page in evermotion.But I don't get that badge for my profile
landscape_arc21:45:07  |  03-10-2015
Hi, I have not seen any places to give comments in visualization gallery , also I could not I post images in visualization gallery. If it is possible could you check for me. Thank you so much.
jackieteh02:57:04  |  14-11-2015
Hi can use the editor choice badge on my online portfolio or website? if yes, from could i download the badge? thank you.
ARCH.ALAYOUBI16:34:27  |  04-08-2016
editors choice icon doesn't appear under my avatar could you help please
ali shafiee22:44:47  |  08-12-2016
hi there . please help me edit post ?i mean when post image to gallery how change or edit Description?
ali shafiee22:44:51  |  08-12-2016
hi there . please help me edit post ?i mean when post image to gallery how change or edit Description?
dattrands07:27:35  |  13-06-2017
I do not have the evermotion badge Editors' Choice Gallery
dattrands07:29:05  |  13-06-2017
editors choice icon doesn't appear under my avatar could you help please
sach1n08:33:58  |  30-03-2018
hi i havent got my editors choice badge..
ND3D13:02:05  |  27-05-2018
Editors choice icon doesn't appear under my avatar could you help please. Thank.


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