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Hi All, my name is Stanislav Klabik and I would like to show you the process of creation of my latest personal project Batman.

I am not fan of commercial heroes like Spiderman, Batman or Superman, they are to heroic and "clean" for me ( I am a big fan of antihero Lobo, he is really badass and ultra violent;) ) But on the other hand, Batman is really cool for modeling and I decided to make him a bit different from usual thin athletic Batman.

The first goal was to made only a bust of Batman, but later I decided to make whole body. I used references which I found on the internet and mainly the draws from Brian Bolland and Alex Ross, they are really great.

Here are references which I used, Ronnie Coleman and Kenneth "Flex" Wheeler, two of the most known bodybuilders, this grabs are from video from Mr. Olympia 1998, I have this video on my HDD for a long time, so I immediately know that I can use them for Batman pose when decide to model him. I used photo of Arnold for back anatomy and Ron Coleman photos too.

For the visible part of face I used my old sculpt

I modified a bit his jaw, mouth, nose, cheek bones for Batman purposes

Then I used my favorite Polyboost scripts for built-up a new mesh (Batman's mask) directly on head bust, then exported it to mudbox and sculpted it to what you see on the right.



For the torso I built up this mesh and then used in Mudbox

Want to know some tips? Okay, here they are :) It is quite uncomfortable to build every poly in space, so i used really simple object for better modeling of critical parts like arms or hands. I had only torso, so I used line with thickness as a basic object for arm and then exported it to Mudbox, I made really quick sculpt with quick anatomy and then used this in 3dsmax again for built-up the arm directly from torso, it tooks only a few minutes to do quick arm.

All what you see until now is old pose, because at the end when I finished whole modeling of torso i decided to change pose of his left arm, I didn´t used displace and didn´t have rigged body, so I deleted his left arm, used line again and did quick new arm, then exported new sculpted arm to max and posed the old arm using Polyboost polydraw function when i positioned every vertex directly on new arm position, it tooks only a 30m or 1 hour.

Legs are sculpted and posed from low poly model made in 3dsmax. The Gloves, pants and the boots are built-up on completed body from Mudbox using Polyboost´s polydraw ability and then sculpted. His right glove is only modified left glove so topology is same and left boot is copy of right boot but a little bit modified because of pose.


At the end, I made his utility belts, he has only one actually, but I added second leather belt with some equipment, usual modeling, nothing special, only pockets are sculpted a bit.

Final model from mudbox

Furniture is simple modeled, nothing exceptional, furniture in background is evermotion.

Final Interior

Well, on him there aren´t any textures, only one scratch map as a bump map.

Material settings, simple, only with vray dirt in diffuse for muscle enforcement, for more hardness.

For other objects used same material as for body, but with different colors and reflection glossiness.


I made simple interior scene and used Sun and Physical Sky for lightning, for rendering I used Vray 1.5 SP1

I used parameters which are a bit noisy because a little noise produce more realistic feelings (in my opinion) for render I used Vray Physical Cam with DoF and 14 samples, but as one of my cg friends said, dof is a bit noisy and I must agree, more samples would help.



I added one screen layer opacity 69% and overlay layer 76%, then a bit saturation and at the end sharpened a bit whole image, so nothing extra.

Original Render

Final Result

Well, that´s all folks, thanks for viewing, hope you find some information useful for your own projects and fell free to contact me with your questions about this making of or my works, no problemo nospam

Best luck in your projects!


Author: Stanislav Klabik
e-mail: nospam

Author: Stanislav Klabik Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: tutorial
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