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In this tutorial we will try to map a tree (main branches) using useful feature called pelt mapping.

First look at tree with default box mapping. If we would apply bark texture on it, it would look like this:

As we can see, texture on the branches has wrong direction, going vertically on the whole model. First of all apply 'unwrap uvw' modifier and uncheck 'Show Map Seam'so we won't see any old seams from box mapping.
Select 'edge' from sub object and choose point to point seam.

You may click two distant verticles to create a map seam between them.

Now you will be able to crate your own map seams which will be displayed as a blue lines. Let's create our first seams like on this picture. Create loop around base of each branch. Continue creating seams on the other branches just like it is showed on picture.

Each branch should have loop on its beginning, and one seam going through whole length. When you have finished creating seams, it is time to use pelt mapping.
Select face and click on Exp. Face Sel To Pelt Seams. Selection will expand to nearby seams, so you must be sure all seams are done correctly.
Next select 'Pelt' then 'Best Align' from the menu and then click on 'Edit Pelt Map'.


Pelt Map parameters will pop up. Click on 'Simulate Pelt Pulling' few times, to stretch fragment of our mesh. It should look like this:

If you are done just exit this window. Now click 'Edit' button in parameters roll out.
Our new mapped part of mesh will be automatically selected. First of all rotate it a little to place it vertically Just like our bark texture. Look at view port, to control how does your bark texture look like on your model.
You may have to scale it up a little bit.

select 'Tools' -> 'Relax...' Set relax values as shown below

Keep Applying it until whole mesh will be stretched correctly without any overlapping faces.
Ant that's it, just continue mapping all branches in the same way. It may take some time, but in the end the result will be very good. Here you can check completely mapped model of this tree. (max 9 or higher)

Tutorial files


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berislav07:38:42  |  18-10-2013
Dear Kuba, thank you for your time and effort for posting this tutorial. I was so happy when I saw it because that's the THING that I need for my renders to look complete. However, when I tried to use it on my work I almost vomited from despair because of things-steps that didn't work as you described here. If you see this message, please give me a hand with this, otherwise I will leave my branches box-mapped :) If you have few minutes of time, simply send me a pm. or reply to this message and I will explain what the problems are. I am sure that you will immediately know what to do because these are shameful problems, but I never did any unwrapping so here I am. Thank you once more, berislav


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