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This tutorial walks you through what portals are for in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, and when and how you should use them.

Top Image: Seaford Court by Recent Spaces

This video covers topics:

  • 00:19 Introduction to portals and to the test scene
  • 01:09 Portals most beneficial with smaller window openings
  • 01:36 Rendering settings for the test scenes
  • 02:15 Doing some comparative tests to see Portals in action - the small window
  • 03:50 Comparative tests - the medium window
  • 04:54 Quick note on why render time shows as 19 seconds
  • 05:50 Comparative tests - the large window
  • 06:54 Portals may give less passes in the same time, but also give less noise in those fewer passes!
  • 08:11 Some technical information on how Portals actually work
  • 11:52 How to correctly set up and place portals
  • 12:28 Creating the perfect geometry for the portal
  • 13:01 Normal direction does not matter with Corona Portals
  • 13:50 Creating and applying the Portal material
  • 14:30 Mistakes to avoid in Portal placement
  • 16:57 Avoid having important geometry on the far side of the Portal
  • 17:30 Does every window opening need to be covered by a Portal?
  • 18:50 Using Portals in a real production scene - the scene set up
  • 19:51 Using Portals in a real production scene - a test render without Portals
  • 20:08 Using Portals in a real production scene - creating the Portals
  • 22:20 Using Portals in a real production scene - apply the Portal material
  • 22:43 Using Portals in a real production scene - comparing results with and without Portals




Author: Corona Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: corona
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