Corona Renderer 1.2 for 3ds Max released

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Overview of new and improved features in the Corona Renderer 1.2 release.

Displacement Improvements

Corona Renderer v1.2 brings you a completely re-worked displacement which should be much more powerful, stable and less memory-hungry. The new algorithm also creates nicer meshes with less meshing artifacts. We are also planning further displacement enhancements in 1.3 as well.


Keep Edges Together

We introduce the new “Keep Edges Together” functionality for displacement.



Displacement is now also available as a modifier – CoronaDisplacementMod



Displacement – Adaptivity

Displacement is now adaptive, which means that it does not “waste” polygons on places where it is not necessary. That results in less memory consumption. There is one little drawback possible with new displacement – pre-computation phase can be a bit longer for some more complex scenes. But developers will work on that.



CoronaBitmap improvements

  • Cropping visually in a popup window is now supported
  • Compressed TGA supported
  • Faster sampling of opacity maps
  • Fixed incorrect blurring of stretched textures
  • Fixed CoronaBitmap working incorrectly with CoronaScatter


Smaller improvements


  • Added Support of 3ds Max Atmospheric effects
  • CoronaScatter supports VertexPaint
  • Corona Multimap Texmap Improvement
  • 3ds Max 2016 Physical Camera is now supported
  • “Area to Render: Selected” is now supported
  • Added support for 3ds Max atmospheric effects
  • Added seed spinner to MultiMap
  • The standalone (simple) Corona Sun has been reworked. It is now targeted and displays proper illumination in the viewport
  • Textures in CoronaScatter now support vertex color as well as other extra mapping channels
  • MultiMap now has 100 maximum slots (some of them are accessible only via maxscript)
  • New improved proxy exporter script
  • Added “override enviro distance” option to z-depth render element
  • Added “override enviro color” option to CTexmap render element

Title image by Bertrand Benoit

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: corona
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