Corona for C4D Alpha v3 is out

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This is a quick update that brings many small, but highly useful features, before some of the larger issues (interactive rendering, Mac support) are addressed.

Major Changes

  • Added new Corona materials (advanced light emitter: LightMtl, advanced volumetric material: VolumeMtl)
  • Added new shaders (ambient occlusion: AoShader, geometry edge/vertex shader: WireShader)
  • Enhanced Corona Material (added SSS support, absorption shader)
  • IES light support
  • Improved standard C4D materials support
  • Added basic support for Non-Corona materials (e. g. Banzi, Cheen)
  • Added Corona VFB

Minor Changes

  • Delayed license check until Corona is actually used (no licensing popups until Corona is used for rendering)
  • Support for manual license activation/deactivation
  • Added possibility to set ZDepth pass from camera clipping
  • Added support for global volume material
  • Minor improvements in displacement (water level, support for negative values)

Main Bug Fixes

  • Fixes in Corona Light (“Occlude other lights” option)
  • Fixes in material preview in viewport
  • Fixed colormapping sometimes applied to material previews
  • Gamma correction is no longer applied to displacement color/texture
  • Fixed crashes when rendering immediately after material preview started

Note about Non-Corona materials

  • Corona for C4D now supports some of non-Corona materials (e. g. Banzi). You can either let Corona handle those automatically by setting “Convert all materials” in render settings or use the new material “External” which allows additional configuration for each material.
  • Plugin will try to convert all materials (including the ones from other plugins), but some of materials might not be rendered correctly. For example, the reflectance is not handled too well yet – you can expect improvements in next releases.

You can download the installer for Cinema4D R14/R15/R16 here.

Artwork by Bertrand Benoit, comes from Corona Renderer Gallery.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: corona
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