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5,5 trillions polygons and scattering in Corona Interactive Renderer.

Corona developer prepared a longer video showing Interactive capabilities of Corona Renderer in combination with CoronaScatter (old version) which comes for free with the renderer.

The video shows two demo scenes. First one is the all-time favorite demo for GPU renderers – a car lit with HDRi. The second one is a more realistic scenario which you will encounter in archviz - non-proxied vegetation which uses opacity maps, the multitexture plugin in diffuse, translucency, and bump mapping. The car scene was provided by  Ludvík Koutný, and the tree model by Juraj Talcik from TD Visual.

Hardware: intel i7 4930k 3.4Ghz, 32GB RAM.


Corona Interactive – extreme polycount test (5.5 Trillion polygons):

Hardware: intel i7 2600k – 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM

Corona Interactive Facts:

  • Runs on CPU (No special HW needed)
  • Shares over 99.9% of code with standard Corona Renderer (ie. same render engine)
  • Same results as the final frame rendering (What you see is what you get )
  • Same set of features as standard Corona Renderer (geometry, proxies, motion blur, dof…)
  • All 3ds max maps and 3rd party maps are supported
  • Truly interactive (Change materials, lights, geometry while rendering, no need to restart interactive mode)
  • It is bundled for free

More info:

Author: Corona Editor: Michal Franczak
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