Corona Render for Cinema 4D Alpha1

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First public build of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is available.

Although it is a first version and as such is still missing some features and has some bugs, it can be already used for high quality rendering. It is based on the Corona's latest core which is identical to 3ds Max version A7.1. This version is free for commercial use and there are no limitations in resolution or watermarks.

Quick facts:

  • It is FREE for commercial use until 31. 12. 2014
  • Supports Cinema 4D R14, R15 & R16
  • No limitations, no watermarks
  • CPU based
  • Offers Biased and Unbiased Rendering
  • By default very slightly biased
  • Cinema rendering core is exactly same as 3ds Max Core – A7.1!
  • Needs activation (done automatically over internet)

Corona Renderer runs entirely on CPU, currently requires Cinema 4D R14, R15 & R16 on Windows platform to run, and can be downloaded here:


Author: Corona Editor: Michal Franczak
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