Prices and Release Date of Corona Renderer 1.0 for 3ds Max

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Prices & Release Date announced.

When deciding the prices, Corona developers we had 2 goals: to secure reliable enough funding for future development of Corona, and to maximize user’s benefit. 

There will be two options: Fair SaaS (Software as Service) and Box License.

Fair SaaS (Software as Service)

  • True per-month payment
  • Not paying 1 year up front.
  • No minimal “contract” length. Ever. If you want to cancel, simply do it. No more months will be charged.
  • (Non-mandatory) Updates are Available On Daily Basis. Developers want to commit to publishing One Stable build per month, plus the regular daily builds.
  • Users can “punish” the developer for bad decisions
  • If we decide to go a wrong way which is against interest of the users, you are not obligated to update to the new version, or to pay us for another month.
  • Access your files even if you do not have license anymore
  • Even if you will decide not to continue using software, there will be always free version which will allow you view, preview and export your files.
  • Scale up and down licenses as needed
  • If you are small or big studio and you need to hire more artists just for a short term project, simply buy more licenses and get rid off them right after job is done. Save money.
  • Flexible – Pay only when you need the software
  • If you or your employees go to extensive holidays you can stop your license(s). Do not pay for something you do not need.
  • Affordable

Standard price is 24.99 EUR, but if you subscribe during the first 30 days of sales, we will lower price to 19.90 EUR per month during the whole first year.

Box License

As Corona Developers say:

We also understand that some people just don’t want SaaS at any cost. Well so even for you we have the traditional Box Model. You can buy the licence once and have it forever. You can sell it or do whatever you want. It is yours. Forever.

There are some little disadvantages when compared to SaaS. Free updates are only for 90 days after purchase. No daily builds or additional upgrades are for free. There will be a subscription that will get you access to daily builds and all upgrades exactly as you have it with the Fair SaaS license. This box version comes also with 30 days launch promo price of 349 EUR. Regular price it 449 EUR.

Sales will start in November. No exact date specified.

What will be included in version 1.0?

  • Full Featured Interactive Rendering
  • SSSR – Sub Surface Scattering Revolution
  • GGX Microfacet Model
  • New Corona Scatter
  • New Blend Material
  • New UHD Cache for Animations
  • Speed improvements: approximately 25%


You will find more information on Corona website.

Author: Corona Editor: Michal Franczak
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VladoMN12:06:26  |  08-10-2014
I knew that something will go wrong with corona, and this box licence nonsense is going to deprive them of any profit. Every single software maker from the industry sells box licence and all updates are free until next major version.
z-z-z13:03:37  |  10-10-2014
hmm this is very wrong decision and not good system for users.


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