iToo Forest Pack 8 released

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iToo Software has released a new version of its scattering plugin for 3ds Max. 

Version 8 comes with the addition of Forest Sets, linked areas, improvements to effects, and much more, offering users completely new and efficient workflows to populate scenes. 



  • Forest Set is a brand-new helper plugin used to create a multi-purpose container for scene objects. A Forest Set object can be added to a Forest object as a collection of geometry, surfaces, references, or areas. Multiple Forest Objects can share a Forest Set, making it simple to add or remove areas, geometry, or surfaces and update several scatters from one easy-to-edit location. Even better,  the contents of a layer can be dynamically linked to a Forest Set, making it easy to update scatters using familiar scene organisation tools. 
  • To further expand the options for creating interdependent scatters,  Forest Pack 8 adds the ability to link to areas and surfaces used in another Forest Pack object.
  • Forest Pack 8 also introduces some often-requested features to Surface UV mode  - making it much more flexible. 

For a detailed overview, visit the Forest Pack 8 page on the iToo Software website.

Purchase iToo Forest Pack 8 in Evermotion Shop.

Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
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