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A new subscription service for 3d artists!

We are excited to announce that we are lauching today Evermotion Pass - a new subscription service for 3d artists. Evermotion Pass provides an access to the whole Evermotion product library for a monthly or yearly flat fee.  Users can choose from five monthly and five annual plans suited for all kind of 3d artists - beginners, freelancers, small studios and big companies.

By subscribing to our new service, user gains access to all Evermotion single assets, and the cost of subscription is comparable to paying from €2 to €4 per model. It's up to six times more profitable than normal purchase of single models. Till today, such low prices were offered only for buyers of our collections of Archmodels, Archinteriors, etc. Now this low pricing is available also for subscribers - says Pawel Gajlewicz, Evermotion CEO.

Evermotion Pass prices start from €19 (Newbie plan) and then scale up to €199-249 for an Enterprise plan. Subscribers can also download one of five Credit Packs to top up their accounts and ensure sustainable access to attractive prices.

Evermotion Library consists of over 15 thousands of 3d models and over a thousand of complete 3d scenes. Assets are made for 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Blender, Unreal Engine 4 and are also provided in FBX and OBJ formats. Evermotion creates also materials in Adobe Substance format. The library is growing constantly - Evermotion creates over a hundred of new assets each month.

Evermotion Pass is a new affordable way to get highest quality 3d assets from Evermotion. It is an addition, not a replacement of the existing Evermotion offer, we will continue to sell products out of subscription too. - says Pawel Gajlewicz.

Evermotion Pass is available directly from Evermotion Shop. Subscribe to Evermotion Pass today!

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