PhysX Painter 2.0 released

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3ds Max plugin for fast asset placement.

PhysX Painter is made to quickly populate your scenes with your assetts. Using a brush, it automatically places them with Rigid bodies simulation.

Whether you work in architecture, game cinematics, commercials…etc you very often need to add details to your scenes with some assets. Placing them by hand is tedious and takes time to get a natural look. You also probably tried to do that with MassFX simulations or particles, but it takes time to get the result you want. 

Using this plugin will drastically improve your workflow and help you to make more believable and lifelike scenes in less time.



New in version 2.0:

  • Better overall Performance
  • No more asset optimisation needed, your Assets will be optimized for simulation automalically and non destructively. You can also modify the optimisation from a custom modifier or from the Source Objects tab
  • Improved UI
  • Undo / Redo
  • All in One Paint brush
  • ...and many more - read the full list on PhysX Painter site.
Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: 3dsmax plugin physics assets
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