Soulburnscripts for 3dsmax will be discontinued

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Free tools package will no longer be supported.

The Soulburnscripts is a suite of tools for 3dsmax that Neil Blevins initially wrote back in 2002.  Neil have supported and added to these free tools over the last 18 years, and they have been used at a bunch of vfx houses, videogame companies, and by dozens of freelancers on projects too numerous to name.

Well, all good things sadly must come to an end. As many of you have read, Autodesk is going 100% rental only in May 2021, and this means that the Soulburnscripts will be discontinued at that time - writes Neil blevins in his blog entry. - I am 100% against Rental Only software, if you want to read about my reasons, I've made a separate post here.

So since max 2022, which will likely be released Apr 2021, will be the last version of the software that can be bought with maintenance plan, Neil can no longer continue to develop or maintain the scripts after that time.

So what does that mean for you, the user of the scripts?

In April 2021, Neil will release one last update to the scripts, compatible with 3dsmax 2022. No further update will be released. If someone who has bought the rental only version of 3dsmax wants to modify the script pack to be compatible with later versions, and wants to distribute it for FREE on their website, Neil will allow that. But his involvement will end April 2021.

Neil Blevins started with 3dstudio DOS and joined the community on Compuserve back in 1994-95, and have been a proud member of the 3dstudio community ever since. 

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Richard Beard16:13:06  |  03-03-2020
Interesting that in his article he says "I have chosen to not be a part of this system, and no longer use any rental only software. And while it may not lead to anything, I encourage you to join me in protest..." I would be very interested to know what software he is planning on using and would recommend to others. Blender and Affinity Photo?? Im not being snarky, I would genuinely love to know as I agree with what Neil says.
makenshi11:05:52  |  06-03-2020
wew...thats creepyly interesting article to read....


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