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New 3ds Max script allows you to interactively subdivide (cut up) geometry by drawing lines.

When you make a cut, it has to originate from a vertex or an edge. You can't create vertices inside faces. 

With miauu's Scalpel you can: 

  • Snap the cut point to the nearest (to the mouse cursor) vertex (Auto and Manual mode provided).
  • Snap the cut point to the center (midpoint) of the nearest edge (Auto and Manual mode provided).
  • Snap the cut point along edge's length to set a precise cut location (in percentages of edge's length). The smallest percentage that can be set is 0.5%.
  • Use the default QuickSlice with snapping to predefined angles.
  • Use a small heads up display of data related to the current cut point as a position along the edge as a percentage, the two distance values indicating the distance to either point in the cut edge, and the total length of the edge.
  • See the options for the tool in the Prompt line.
  • Change the values of the Snap Step and the Snap Angle while you cut.




Salpel costs €9.00. More info on Miauu's site.


Author: Dev Site Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: 3dsmax script 3dsmax script
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