Phoenix FD 3.14 for 3ds Max and Maya released

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Chaos Group has released Phoenix FD 3.14, the latest update to fluid simulation softwar for 3ds Max and Maya.

Improvements in  the latest version:


  • The Grid viscosity channel is now reconstructed from FLIP particles when using Time Bend Controls, preventing render flickering


  • Speed up preview of AUR cache files
  • Show the mesh preview together with the voxel / velocity / force preview when both are enabled

Grid Texture

  • Helpers for re-scaling the output values of the Grid Texture to a certain range
  • Option specifying whether the alpha of the Grid Texture would be solid or based on the intensity


  • If there is only one visible Simulator and the rest are hidden, the toolbar Start button should start it immediately

Bug Fixes

  • Scene Body Interaction
  • When a moving geometry stopped, it kept contributing velocity in the Fire/Smoke simulator or broke liquid emission in the Liquid Simulator, since Phoenix FD 3.05

Grid Solver

  • Crash with Adaptive Grid when 'No Smaller than Initial Grid' was off, the Grid was completely outside the initial grid and shrunk to 0, since Phoenix FD 3.00.02

FLIP Solver

  • Liquid Sources kept emitting Foam/Splash particles in Brush Mode even if the Brush Effect was 0
  • Moving ocean containers still produced disturbances at their fronts in some cases
  • Wetmap particles were not born on some surfaces of objects with non-uniform scale

Volumetric Illumination

  • Phoenix lights from one Simulator did not illuminate some parts of other Simulators depending on the camera angle

Volumetric Shader

  • Crash when using one object as a render cutter for more than one Fire/Smoke simulators, since Phoenix FD 3.12
  • Replacing the fire opacity with a texture using the 'Fire Opacity From Texture' option affected Fully Visible and Use Smoke Opacity modes as well
  • Volumes were rendered if the Simulator was hidden but 'Create Lights Even If Not Renderable' was Enabled, since Phoenix FD 3.13

GPU Volumetrics

  • GPU Volumetric effects go missing when switching between Bucket and Progressive Sampler type in Volumetric Geometry mode

Particle Flow

  • Phoenix's PFlow operators didn't take into account the cache Input time bend settings
  • Stored caches for pflow operators were not released from memory on closing the scene
  • Birth operator used the RGB green channel instead of the velocity when based on Speed

Cache I/O

  • Wrong particle positions when looping adaptive grid with loop overlap


  • Crash when exporting Alembic mesh with Simulator in Pure Ocean mode


  • Caches couldn't be deleted from the toolbar if there were modifiers applied to the Simulator

3ds Max Integration

  • Nodes which are not Geometries, such as Sources, Body Force, Mapper etc, could be picked for Cutter Geom, Fade Volume, etc.
  • Expand and Don't Shrink option enabled the Maximum Expansion XYZ options in the UI even if Maximum Expansion was off
Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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