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Making of Autumn Scene

Michał Franczak 2014-11-13 13:37 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > texturing

Learn how Evermotion artist created this beautiful autumn scene from Archmodels vol. 100 collection.

You can buy Archmodels vol. 100 in Evermotion Shop. This scene was modeled and set with 3DS Max and rendered with V-Ray (check V-Ray price!). It is not very complicated scene. It contains one camera, sun lamp and a couple of trees from Archmodels vol. 100 collection. The autumn mood is achieved not only with realistic models, but also with subtle volumetric light effect. This scene was made by Barbara Witkowska from Evermotion, trees were made by Evermotion team.

Click on image to enlarge nr_autumn_scene_182.jpg

This is the final image after post production.


Click on image to enlarge nr_ELEMENTS_169.jpg

Various models used in this scene.


Scene setup

Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0023_CAMERA_168.jpg

View from camera


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0022_OVERVIEW_167.jpg

Overview of modeled scene. You can see that there are some leaves without branches or bark on the far plane. It was made on purpose, because we didn't want to make this scene very heavy. Fast workflow is achieved also thanks to VrayProxies (all leaves models). Some closer branches of trees are showed in viewport as boxes. It also speeds up the viewport.


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0016_Proxy_leaves_161.jpg

As you can see, some trees are not placed on the plane, but over and under it. It is not visible to camera. The only thing that counts is the great quality of render output, even if it means putting a tree below the groundplane.


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0021_GROUND_166.jpg

Ground is a simple poly with VrayDisplacement Modifier.


Lighting and environment

Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0020_GROUND_DISPLACEMENT_MAP_165.jpg

Ground displacement map


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0019_GROUND_MATERIAL_164.jpg

Ground material


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0018_CAMERA_163.jpg

Camera settings


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0017_SUN_162.jpg

VraySun settings


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0014_real_branch_159.jpg

These boxes are the brnaches of a tree on the second plane on the left. We changed the display of one of them to normal (the branch in the middle).


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0013_display_as_box_158.jpg

The rest of branches have "Display as box" option enabled, so they do not slow down the viewport too much.


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0012_DEBRIS_157.jpg

This debris is a proxy representation of leaves that are laying on the ground. we made it from leaves that are part of trees models that come with this collection. We used more than one type of leaves to achieve various colors of leaves.


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0010_DEBRIS_MATERIAL_2_155.jpg

Old, dry leaf material


Click on image to enlargenr_am100_0009_BUSH_154.jpg

A bush (bush01 model) visible on the left side of scene.



Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0008_BUSH_MATERIAL_180.jpg

Bush material (1)


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0007_BUSH_MATERIAL_2_179.jpg

Bush material (2)


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0006_BUSH_MATERIAL_3_178.jpg

Bush material (3)


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0005_BUSH_MATERIAL_4_177.jpg

Bush material (4)


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0004_BUSH_MATERIAL_5_176.jpg

Bush material (5)


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0003_BUSH_MATERIAL_6_175.jpg

Bush material (6)

Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0002_BUSH_MATERIAL_7_174.jpg

Bush material (7)


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0001_BUSH_MATERIAL_MAPS_173.jpg

Bush material maps


Click on image to enlarge nr_am100_0000_fog_172.jpg

VrayEnvironmentfog gives this nice volumetric effect.


Click on image to enlarge nr_render_settings_171.jpg

Render settings


Click on image to enlarge nr_ps_stack_170.jpg

The post-production was very subtle. we sharpened the image and made volumetric light more visible.


Click on image to enlarge nr_autumn_scene_182.jpg

Final scene again.

 Thanks for reading! :)


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: scene archmodels autumn archmodelsvol.100
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mikcikgodon 12:56:51  |  14-11-2014
Why did you use VrayBlend material for the leaves/bush i dont understand that...?
dr_After 08:45:26  |  18-11-2014
vrayblend material is used to make the sides of leaves different. You can also use Vray2Sided material for that, of course.
Sagarika 08:04:29  |  21-11-2014
Nice tutorial Sir. I need more tutorials.Will you help me.
mikcikgodon 13:00:28  |  24-11-2014
dr_After: Thats interesting, is there any reason/advantage to using VrayBlendMtl over (instead) of Vray2SidedMtl? thanks