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Archmodels vol. 131 is the collection of three sets of 3d city parts. We made very diverse models of parts of modern metropolies from different regions of the world.

Every set consists of a couple of parts that can be used to quickly set up big city. We included *.max and *.obj formats. Archmodels vol. 131 has also a simple traffic animation.
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The collection is priceless tool for architects who want to include buildings and city parts on the second plan of their exterior visualisations. This collection is also great for VFX artists and commercial animators that want to include city scenes in their works.
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Collection is prepared with Xref files - they are not demanding for computing power while working in viewports. You can work fast even when using a lot of the most detailed city parts. City traffic is animated with Point cache which also positively influences speed of workflow.
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You don't have to invest Your money in expensive and complicated cities generators. Your every day software is enough with Archmodels vol. 131.
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VFX: Let's assume that You want to make realistic animation of exploding city district. You just take Your footage and...
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...put Archmodels vol. 131 in it (here presented with wireframe).
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Archmodels vol. 131 is the first collection with city parts. On 13th of August we will release the second collection with parts inspired by old italian and Middle Eastern modern cities (and more!). You can preorder this collection for 90 euro from 16th to 30th of July. After preorder period the collection will be available to download for 120 euro.
IMPORTANT: Xref objects are used in this collection. You can learn how it works in these two tutorials:


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