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Maide, a mobile software startup in Toronto, has an ambitious rethinking of how tablets will be used in the future. With a vision that may change how people interact with their desktop computers, Maide is pairing the multi-touch capability of the iPad with the raw power of the computer to create a powerful new input device for your desktop.

What better place to start than the world of 3D modeling. With a team of programmers, and industrial designers, Maide has taken on the challenge of designing a new method of control for people who use 3D CAD programs. Their first product, Maide Control, turns the iPad into a multi-touch input device for programs such as Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Solidworks, Google Sketchup, and Rhinoceros 3D, and allows for multiple iPads to connect to one computer simultaneously. We're looking for a community of early adopters to become a part of the project and work with us to develop a great product.


Features Overview:
  • Wireless connectivity with the computer over wifi and ad hoc network*
  • Automatic discovery with bonjour
  • Control of the computer's mouse and keyboard from the iPad
  • Multiple iPads able to connect to one computer
  • Multi-touch control of camera in 3D applications: Pan, Zoom, and Orbit
  • Quick snaps to Orthogonal views
  • Screenshot + email capability
  • Radial menu for tool selection (16 application specific commands)
  • Plug-ins available for Autodesk 3D Studio Max (2010, 2011, 2012), Autodesk Maya (2010, 2011, 2012, and Mac versions), Google Sketchup (7,8 and Mac versions) and Rhino (4, 5 and Mac version), Solidworks (2011)
  • iPad app requires the free Maide Connect desktop software to be running on the computer to connect
  • Maide Connect desktop software currently supported on Windows, and Mac.
*Note: Places where standard wifi ports are blocked, such as Cafe's, will block the app from speaking to your computer. In these cases, you can set up an ad hoc network to connect to your laptop directly.

Check out Maide Inc website to download the free desktop software, and for updates!

Company Website:
Maide Connect Server (plug-ins):
Author: Maide Inc.
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Darth-Gerko20:47:27  |  06-07-2013
... this is wrong, no I'm trying to download the software because I changed of computer but the links seems broken, doesn't exist... apparently Maide Inc. doesn't exist anymore, and this is fraud, because today people are still buying this product from iTunes.


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