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V-ray pattern tutorial by Karim-Cheikh-Djavadi



The fence used in my video demo, was initially created larger, using a free Maxscript called WireFence
( https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/wirefence ), then exported in obj mesh, and cut pricisely in Rhino 3D. In fact, the main task when you start using VrayPattern, is to model patterns... witch can get easily complicated... I think Rhino 3D is the right tool for making patterns, at least for making geometrical patterns. Hope you enjoyed my approach about this new plug-in, released about 2 weeks ago. Perhaps I'll have other occasions to answer your "what else?", with other demos (?)... Regards, Oliman


The chain was modeled with Rhino 3D, then saved in 3 different mesh resolutions... the chain pattern used for this scene, has 65452 faces. The entire factory ground, here in this scene, is covered with 700 "chain plates" ... each plate got 600 propagated chain pattern...( 27,489,840,000 faces ) To have the right info about the memory use, I restarted 3ds Max twice, and opened 2 different files... the actual scene, and a second one saved after having deleted the chain mesh and VrayPattern. The gain in memory use, between "chainy ground" scene (2090Mo) and the "flat plane ground" scene ( 2010 Mo ), is 80Mo...

Author: Karim-Cheikh-Djavadi
Tags: v-ray
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