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Anisotropic shader tutorial using vray 1.5 final SP 1

Vel 2008-01-21 00:00 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > rendering

Hello, in this tutorial I will show you how to create realistic steel shader with anisotropic reflections.

We can observe this effect quite often in real life. Here are some reference photos:


First of all let's create model of the pot. Create it's profile using spline, next use loft modifier and move its axis to center and then convert it to editable poly.

Use chamfer and connect to make proper edges.
To view final result add turbosmooth modifier with 2 iterations.

Create top using cylinder, then bevel and extrude center faces to make upper part.

The handle is created with simple box modeling with shell and turbo smooth.

Now we are going to create steel shader. Here are settings for this material. It is quite simple, there is scratch map put in bump slot to achieve subtle brushed metal effect. Use cylindrical uvw mapping on each part of the pot And then convert object to poly.

Now we have to create anisotropic shader for the bottom part.

Anisotropic material settings:

Here are maps used in reflection and normal bump slots:
Get full resolution reflect map
Get full resolution normal map

Very important thing to do is set BRDF to Ward mode. This mode behaves much more physically correct than phong or blinn.

I deleted faces from the bottom and then caped the hole, to make it completely planar surface. Select this face and apply UVW modifier to it, select planar mapping. Check if gradient map from anisotropy rotation is properly placed by displaying it in viewport.

Now just Apply this material to selected bottom face of our pot.
If shader doesn't work you may have to change UV vectors derivation is anisotropy settings. That's all, here is final render with a a little post production in PS:

Here is complete scene with camera and studio setup:

Author: Vel
Tags: v-ray
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RealkraLL 16:22:08  |  15-07-2009
tuankt14b6 11:43:54  |  29-07-2009
my article very great
tuankt14b6 11:48:11  |  29-07-2009
to make the acquaintance of somebody, I'm tuan, I'm from Viet Nam
mact944911 19:00:01  |  08-08-2009
quien iba a pensar que es asi de sencillo..... gracias carnal
xeon_max 05:17:46  |  28-08-2009
cool ill try to make something like this thanks
fael097 02:30:56  |  06-09-2009
hey man nice tutorial, but how bout the regular aluminium material? thanks
Lapa 15:10:27  |  13-09-2009
hi_mo 05:09:06  |  22-09-2009
Thank for the tutorial. But if i render your scene (with your settings), the anisotropy part of the pot renders out much to dark, you now why? Have you lighten up this part in photoshop? any suggestions? Thanks (vray 1.5 sp2)
amenk 08:16:22  |  25-09-2009
thanks for all. but How...about, light....?thanks
yosi 15:30:26  |  26-09-2009
thanks for the tutorial, if you not mind please share about lighting.. www.darchitectstudio.multiply.com
Foster117 16:07:32  |  29-09-2009
Такая же проблема, как и у Hi_Mo. Нижняя часть кастрюли очень темная. В чем проблема? The same problem, as well as at Hi_Mo. The bottom part of a pot very dark. In what a problem?
zhuhangshun 08:43:03  |  17-12-2009
My name is Hang Shun, I am from China. My profession is interior designer, I am glad to see you! My e-mail is: 249242939@qq.com. Want to explore with like-minded friends
battusani 08:25:04  |  23-01-2010
hai iam anil iam working in 3dmax hyd so plz help me battunavanil@gmail.com
RAJA21 04:10:29  |  26-01-2010
hello i am mann from india working as a interior designer looking for some vray exterior day and night lighting tips could you pls help me.my e mail add is manjeetarch@hotmail.com
rnax 08:23:41  |  12-02-2010
Hi guys, I'm from Russia! I'm starting an interior designer. Seeking a mentor:) 3drnax@gmail.com
heru purnomo 04:56:50  |  29-06-2010
Nice! I'm Heru/her.prnm77@gmail.com "Indonesia" What is the Difference vray 1.5 SP and vray 1.5 RC3, Couse i can't found the Map/anisotropic
pink.c 11:42:51  |  12-08-2010
CDC1986 03:37:55  |  27-01-2011
I like it. Thank U.
sanski 23:48:24  |  17-07-2011
nice tancks
saplu 11:45:53  |  25-09-2011
nice no very nice please send the max file kamlesh0701@gmail.com
srivas 07:03:39  |  08-11-2011
simply nice work
BlackmanStudio 11:23:13  |  29-11-2011
braale 09:02:39  |  02-12-2011
Please can somebody help whit this.My render is much darker on bottom side of pot and after many combination i dont know what to do next
viikkii 19:42:18  |  16-01-2012
Very nice! Good work. How can I change the settings so that the final render image is sharp. The one I am rendering right now is very blurry. Thanks
fulgin 23:52:02  |  26-01-2012
very nice my friend good job i like that...
aaaantares 12:48:45  |  10-04-2012
The bottom part of a pot becomes normal, if checkbox "Fix dark glossy edges" is checked.
dotunkelvin 02:48:25  |  05-03-2015
nice tutorials. i have problems with lighting up my interior spaces. currently working on the interior of a cinema hall. any help would be much appreciated. dotukelvin@yahoo.com