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Hi - in this tutorial I will show you how to prepare scene to get good looking render.


First I'll write something about videotutorial: the most important thing is to change the 'Connect Edge (Poly)' shourtcut to 'C' key. To do that go to:

Customize -> Customize User Interface -> and find 'Connect Edge (Poly)'

For this tutorial we'll use 3dsmax and Maxwell Render. So ok, here are few easy (I think so) steps:

- Start by creating the simple plane
- Convert to editable poly
- Select the edge and using shift+drag method drag the edge to the top - on left view
- Select the edge on the corner - beetween wall and floor and add chamfer there - use some small amount to get harder corner.

After these steps add meshsmooth modifier from modifier stack with iterations=2 Now its time to add two planes - one top and one from side - that will be our lights emiters so - put two planes, and shellac modifier (amount 0:0) to both of them.

Look at the picture to see what I am talking about.

Now using the 'M' key on your keyboard open the material editor and make mw emiter shader:
Illumiant D65
Intensity about 600

Apply this shader for those two planes.

Hit F10, Go to Render - > Enviroment -> Enable Sky Dome
Add some camera on scene and import your piano model.

So far so good - now play with shaders to get nice render - I use mw-plastic with uv:0,2 and with bitmap in color slot on piano body - I also add the uvwmapp modifier for piano model because I want to strech my map and as we know - 3dsmax material editor tiling didn't work in maxwell so we must use uvwmap to strech it.

Ok so here's the final result:

Best Regards
Author: Hindus
Tags: maxwell
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I mistakenly hit the report button Sorry :(


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