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We are walking around in the new Chaos Vantage application that lets you to preview V-Ray scenes in real-time!  

Hi, welcome to this tip of the week, today we will take a short look at Chaos Vantage! Chaos Vantage is a new software from Chaos Group that lets you to preview your 3d scenes in real-time. formerly known as Project Lavina, now it is branded with a new name and some exciting new features!


I downloaded Evermotion Archinteriors vol. 57 collection, which includes 10 restaurant interior scenes made for 3ds Max and V-R ay and picked a scene number 3. I exported it as a VRAYSCENE file and opened in Chaos Vantage. Chaos Vantage is a tool that can be very helpful during creating your 3d scene - with real-time preview, you can choose the best camera angles and lighting scenarios for your scene. If you want, you can test this app yourself, Chaos Vantage is now available for free. This software will remain free to 2nd of June 2021, after that date it will cost 350 euros. Give it a try, maybe you will find it useful. 




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