Using Datasmith Plugin for Exporting a Scene into Unreal Engine

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Useful tips for moving 3ds Max scene to Unreal Engine 4.

This is not a full tutorial but this video shows some tips to do before exporting the scene from 3ds max to Unreal Engine with Datasmith plugin.

You especially need to take care of detaching objects to smaller parts. It requires patience, but the result is worth it. Detaching every object to smaller parts allows yopu to use lightmaps of lower resolution. In this Evermotion scene every object has a light map resolution value of 64. You can increase it, but it will take more time to bake and sometimes the difference will be minor.
Check all materials and make sure that every object has at least one texture in any material map (such as normal map or diffuse only) and apply uvw map for any object that doesn't has any texture in any material map and choose box in uvw mapping parameters panel then make (length & width & height = 100).
All lighting is exported from 3ds max file with datasmith plugin and then modified the light intensity.


Author: yt Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: evermotion unreal real-time engine ue4
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