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Making of a first scene from Archexteriors vol. 33.

Hi everyone! We would like to introduce you this time breakdown of a scene 001 from Archexteriors vol. 33. This exterior is one of 10 City scenes from Archexteriors vol. 33 collection which will be on sale soon. Below you will find some of our techniques and workflow. Enjoy! :) 


0002 RGB

This is a final V-Ray render


This exterior was inspired by a Chicago Board of Trade Building. I tried to reflect the monumentality of these buildings in downtown Chicago and the yellow tint of city lamps. 


I 01


I 02


I 03



0005 Viewports

View from camera.



The main building was modeled with particular attention to detail, which can be seen on this presentation.


0007 FAKE

Sometimes it happens that we want to get the desired effect and we do not know how to do it using advanced graphic program tools or simply this tool does not work as we would like. 
Sometimes we need to think outside of the box and do some graphic effects manually. I could use VrayFrame Buffer "Lens effect" for achieving glare effect, but in this particular case it couldn't achieve the result I need. In order not to spend hours on solving a problem, I decided to go with faking the effect. Fake or not - it suits the scene and I am happy with it.


0010 Vray preset_1
V-Ray Camera settings

0009 Lighting

You can download the vray settings (VRAY PRESETS) here



These are the textures used in the scene.


Author: Marcin Białecki Editor: Michał Franczak
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3dmihai16:15:32  |  30-03-2019
Wow, this is just crazy! But I can't see exteriors vol. 33 on your website... is it not out yet?
mbialecki09:03:47  |  01-04-2019
Hello - 3dmihai. Pre-order 16.04.2019 :)


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