Creating your first Substance Material course introduction

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New course for beginners in Substance Designer by Allgorithmic.


The course is divided into four chapters:

  • Ch1: Discusses workflow, Substance Designer and node architecture
  • Ch2: Creating the height data
  • Ch3: Creating maps such as roughness, base color
  • Ch4: Material layering, exporting textures and publishing sbsar files




Detailed table of contents:

  • Take an introductory look at what Substance Designer is and what it is used for
  • Learn what a node in Substance Designer represents
  • Take a look at the workflow used to create the material
  • Walkthrough the material to get a high-level overview
  • Go through overall project settings when creating a Substance package
  • Setup the base material node, which you will use to pipe all of data through
  • Start the process of creating the main large form shapes
  • Start building out the small shapes
  • Create shapes you can use with the Shape spatter node
  • Create dirt mounds
  • Create rocks / pebbles
  • Expose parameters
  • Create roughness map
  • Material layering
  • Publishing file and exporting textures
Author: Allegorithmic Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: substance allegorithmic allegorithmic
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