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Substance Painter 1.1 greatly enhances mask creation with ID maps. The new Color Selection feature provides and easy to use, one-click solution for automatically creating complex layer masks.

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When using the “Add mask with ID selection” feature, the viewport automatically switches to show the ID map and the Color Picker allows you to pick multiple values that combine to create a mask from different ranges in the ID map.


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The “Copy content” and "Paste into content” commands allow you to copy content from one texture set into another. This greatly enhances usability and workflow as you no longer have to repeat texturing processes and you can easily share material data across texture sets.


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With PSD export, Substance Painter will combine all selected outputs and merge them into a single PSD file. PSD export is a great time-saving feature if Photoshop is used in your pipeline or you need to deliver PSD files to clients or vendors.


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When activated, Lazy mouse allows for very precise control of the brush and is perfect for drawing smooth curves and lines. With Lazy Mouse, the stroke is pulled behind the mouse cursor and is controlled by the distance defined by the Lazy Distance.


Substance Painter 1.1. will be released on 16th of December. Read more on Allegorithmic site.

Main image: UE4 environment by Victor Kam.

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