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Learn Low Poly Blender Character Modeling.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a low poly character with the help of a digital artist. Actually, you won't be building just one character, you'll model a few of them. When you finish the whole Blender character modeling course, you'll have five fully realized 3D models to add to your portfolio or use in a project.


This tutorial doesn't require any prior Blender experience. Your tutor Kevin Liao will guide you through Blender basics, Blender character modeling, learning to navigate and master the shortcuts, tools, and setup of the Blender 3D program. These are all crucial elements of 3D modeling when you're trying to learn Blender.

Next, you will go into object manipulation, 3d rendering and this is where the Blender character modeling truly starts. You will learn to use different tools to create objects and shapes, then tie them together to create characters, clothing, and accessories, all in 3D!

Multi-tool Software

Blender offers you such functions as fx work, game, and 3D printing modeling, texturing, camera tracking, 3D rendering, particle simulations and full 3D animation creation. It has all the necessary 3D building functions needed for almost any projects you can think of. And it's entirely free for both educational and commercial use.

Master 3D Character Modelling

In this tutorial, we focus on Blender character modeling. Starting your 3D modeling journey with a low poly character has many advantages. Creating low poly models instead of high poly ones takes up a lot less time by removing all extra steps and focusing on the essentials. It also allows you to improve your approach to form and proportions since any inadequacies are way more clear.

Start learning now - go to BitDegree Blender Character Modeling Course.

Author: BitDegree Editor: Michał Franczak
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