V-Ray for SketchUp – Quick Start: Materials

Youtube 2017-04-19 08:23 tutorial  > V-Ray  > modeling

This video covers the basics of materials in V-Ray for SketchUp. It includes how to use the Material Library to easily create looks as well as how to edit preset materials and create new materials from scratch.

Author: Youtube Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: vray v-ray sketchup
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abdelrahmanazmi08:42:33  |  27-04-2017
Thank you very much for this clear and nice and simple explaining :) I just want to ask about a method to control the textures (like moving or rotating to fit corners of my project) that applies to the whole object (not only a single face) this is unavailable on Sketch Up. Dose V-Ray give me that option? it is really game changing for me.


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